Discover Precise, Personalized Cancer Care with RGCC Now

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| Jun, 03 2024

Discover Precise, Personalized Cancer Care with RGCC Now

Dr Lauren Cohen Podcast Ep#178

Don’t we all wish we “had a doctor in the family”? A trusted person to translate “doctor speak”. To help you navigate the complexities of treatment options, simplify your healing plan, or offer more personalized cancer care.

In the often cold and disconnected world of cancer care, Dr. Lauren Cohen is on a mission to change the paradigm. As a Functional Medicine and Emotional Healing Chiropractic physician, Dr. Cohen switched her focus to patient advocacy and caregiving. She is commonly known as the “family doctor” after her mom and sister both received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. 

She is now part of the RGCC International – North America, helping people like her mom and sister replace fear and uncertainty with hope and possibility. Tune in to learn how to use RGCC’s precise, personalized, and innovative tests to monitor cancer down to the cellular level. But more than tests, RGCC offers personalized cancer care and support to help you take the reins of your cancer healing.

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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • Personal Connection to Cancer: Dr. Lauren Cohen discusses her transition from a chiropractic and functional medicine practice to becoming deeply involved in the cancer care world due to her personal experiences with her family’s cancer diagnoses. Her journey led her to become a passionate advocate for cancer patients, emphasizing personalized care and patient education.
  • Role at RGCC: Dr. Cohen explains her role as a patient advocate and global brand ambassador for RGCC International, a specialty cancer testing lab. She highlights the importance of personalized cancer care that considers the patient’s unique genetic and physiological profile. This contrasts with the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to cancer treatment.
  • Introduction to RGCC Testing: Dr. Cohen provides an overview of RGCC International and its role in revolutionizing cancer care through advanced, personalized testing methods. These tests consider the unique expression of cancer cells in each individual. This aids in the development of customized treatment plans.
  • Impact of Personalized Testing: The discussion includes detailed insights into how RGCC’s personalized testing works. This includes the use of liquid biopsies to track circulating tumor cells and the adaptation of treatment plans based on real-time cellular activity. This approach helps in understanding the effectiveness of treatments and adjusting them as needed.
  • Comprehensive Cancer Care and Advocacy: Dr. Cohen emphasizes the comprehensive nature of cancer care that integrates functional medicine with conventional approaches. She shares how her advocacy supports patients in navigating their treatment options, making informed decisions, and understanding the complex information surrounding their care.