Protect Yourself from 5G with Dr. Joseph Mercola

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| Feb, 17 2020

Protect Yourself from 5G with Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a board-certified family doctor and creator of, the most visited natural health website on the internet.  His mission with is to create a harmonious community of educated and open-minded individuals who, like him, are determined to change the modern health paradigm   In June of 2019, Google implemented its censorship of health topics and news.   This censorship impacted sites across the web including, virtually removing him from their Google search engine. Dr. Mercola is the author of many books and articles including three New York Times Best Sellers, The Great Bird Flu Hoax;” “The No-Grain Diet;” and “Effortless Healing.”

In this episode, Dr. Mercola talks with Dr. V about his new book EMF*D : 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself.  With the advent of 5G ultra-wideband technology, the danger of electronic pollution is now greater than ever.  With this radical new understanding of how electromagnetic fields impact your body and mind, Dr. Mercola has laid out what EMFs actually are, where you find them in your daily life, and how you can repair the damage done at a cellular level.  He also offers practical strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from EMFs at home, at work, and out in the world.  As a listener, if you pre-order a copy of EMF*D you will receive 4 bonus gifts so check it out at for more information.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:52) – Why are people unaware of the dangers of EMF

(8:25) – An inconvenient truth

(9:49) – What is 5G

(12:19) – Starlink and 5G in the sky

(14:13) – The effects of 5G on the body

(16:40) – Correlation with autism, heart issues, psychiatric issues, Alzheimers

(19:46) – Escape it with an EMF sanctuary

(24:30) – Where grounding may not be effective

(26:52) – Nutritional supplements that can help repair your body from EMF damage

(28:53) – Time restricted eating

(29:54) – The benefits of BFR – Blood Flow Restriction exercise Free Training

(33:59)- Carnosine benefits

(37:00) – Check out Chapter 7 of the book for FREE