Real talk about hormones with Dr. V

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| Mar, 14 2023

Real talk about hormones with Dr. V

Dr V hormone podcast

First, I want to clarify that hormones do NOT cause cancer! If hormones did cause cancer, every hormonal teen would have breast cancer. We need our hormones for healthy brains, bones, immune systems, and cardiac health—they’re an essential part of healthy functioning bodies.

However, there are TOXIC “hormones” called Xeno-estrogens or chemical estrogens lurking around your home and the outside world that CAN cause cancer. Tune into this short podcast to uncover where you can find these damaging Xeno-estrogens and actionable steps you can take today to clear them out of your life.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

1:04: Your hormones DO NOT cause Cancer

2:31: Where Xeno-estrogens can hide

3:06: Metallo-estrogens

4:34: Genetic SNPs causing problems

6:46: How can you deal with Xeno-estrogens

8:06: Targeted supplements