Rock your midlife with self-compassion

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| Feb, 13 2023

Rock your midlife with self-compassion

Dr Ellen Podcast

“While I am the healthiest person I know, I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.” Dr. Ellen Albertson: a psychologist, registered dietitian, and national board-certified health and wellness coach.

Upon a lot of honest self-discovery, Dr. Ellen found a few key areas that needed healing and re-shifting. In just 30 days, she reached remission and continues the numerous new self-care practices and routines that help her remain cancer free.

Dr. Ellen has done the work to help her inside be as healthy as her outward appearance. I’m thrilled to share this encouraging and insightful episode with you, as well as her 10 Tips To Rock Midlife! Today is your day to add more JOY to your midlife journey!


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:12): HER2 positive diagnosis

(4:58): Epigenetics and the BRCA gene

(5:20): The effect of Stress on a Cancer Diagnosis

(7:08): Working on your Inner Child

(8:27): Self-Compassion Practice

(10:34): The Beauty of Midlife

(18:10): Energizing yourself

(21:11): How to Deal with Perimenopause and menopause with ease