Smart Dentistry with Dr. Stuart Nunnally

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| Mar, 30 2020

Smart Dentistry with Dr. Stuart Nunnally

Smart Dentistry

We are talking about “Smart” Dentistry today with Dr. Stuart Nunnally.  Dr. Nunnally is board certified in naturopathic medicine and integrative biological dental medicine.  Additionally, Dr. Nunnally lectures nationally and internationally on the topics of nutrition and health-centered dentistry.  In his practice, Dr. Nunnally uses biocompatible dental materials in eliminating dental toxicities.  Above all, he has a passion for providing patients with a unique comprehensive dental experience. 

In this episode, Dr. Nunnally discusses the difference between biological and conventional dentists.  Also, he advises finding a “SMART” dentist, as well as what he feels is the most important question you should ask when interviewing a new dentist.  Moreover, Dr. Nunnally explains electrical disturbances that can be caused by using metal in the mouth and what are safe replacements.  For more information on Dr. Nunnally and his practice visit his site


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:35) – The difference between a biological and a conventional dentist

(4:31) – The metal to look out for – and it’s not mercury

(9:46) – The #1 thing a dentist should use when removing amalgams

(10:44) – What is a “SMART” dentist

(13:20) – Electrical disturbances caused by metal in the mouth

(16:19) – Connection to the immune system

(19:23) – How to preserve the oral microbiome with natural solutions

(21:34) – How a Waterpik can help with bad breath

(22:32) – The truth about fluoride