The Warrior Mindset with Summer Watson

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| Mar, 15 2021

The Warrior Mindset with Summer Watson

Summer Watson

“When life gets tough, you put on your warrior armor and say I will not back down. I will rise and stand taller and stronger than ever before. After all, the only way out is through!”

Summer Watson is a classical crossover singer. She has performed on some of the finest stages, she has sung for royalty and celebrities. The first-ever classical artist to sign a £1million recording contract with Sony, Summer’s debut album topped the US iTunes charts. Having beaten stage 4 breast cancer, Summer is now a singer with a mission.  Her new music is infused with a warrior spirit and can-do confidence.  Her new EP Unveiled Break The Silence was written through the turbulence of grief.  

Listen in as Summer explains the story of her diagnosis and how her mission is to now encourage others to live their best life no matter what!  For one of our lucky listeners Summer has offered FREE singing lessons.  Check out our Instagram page for details on how to win this amazing gift. 

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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:01) – For the love of Marley

(9:31) – Stage 4 diagnosis

(14:17) – A warrior mindset

(18:06) – What is the gift

(21:23) – The healing power of music

(26:44) – Music lessons