Emotional and Wellness Relief on the go with Taopatch

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| Feb, 19 2024

Emotional and Wellness Relief on the go with Taopatch

Dmitri Leonov podcast episode

Take the emotional and physical healing and pain-relieving powers of acupuncture and light therapy wherever you go with Taopatch! 

Taopatch is a patented wearable nanotechnology device that captures heat from your body and converts it into light, emitting it into specific acupoints. This light stimulates your Central Nervous System and “reminds” it how it was meant to rebalance and communicate with the rest of your body.

On this episode, Dmitri Leonov, serial wellness entrepreneur and CEO of Taopatch USA, and I chat about upgrading healing in our stressful, toxic world. And since you can’t live in a perfect world, a little help biohacking help can be a part of setting your body free of anxiety, chronic pain, poor sleep, bad posture, low energy, etc. 

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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

Introduction of Tao Patch to the US: Dmitri Leonov, co-founder, and CEO of Tao Patch USA, discusses bringing this innovative wearable nano-based technology from Italy to the United States in 2019. The Tao Patch combines light therapy with acupuncture principles, converting body heat into light to stimulate specific acupuncture points.

Rapid and Transformative Effects: The podcast shares compelling testimonials, including videos on their website showing individuals with MS experiencing significant improvements in mobility and tremors shortly after applying the Tao Patch.

How Tao Patch Works: Leonov explains the science behind Tao Patch, detailing how its nanomaterial captures body heat, converts it into a spectrum of light, and reflects it into the body. This process supports various health benefits, from pain management to emotional well-being.

Holistic and Emotional Well-being Benefits: Beyond physical health improvements, Tao Patch is noted for enhancing emotional well-being, with users reporting feeling better emotionally, even if their physical conditions do not change. This aspect is highlighted by celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. showcasing the patch at public events.

Accessibility and User Support: Tao Patch emphasizes customer support and education, offering guidance on optimal patch placement for specific health goals.