The Advanced Gerson Therapy

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| Jan, 02 2023

The Advanced Gerson Therapy

Dr Vickers Podcast

Using the Advanced Gerson Therapy to Reverse the Breakdown of Human Health.

Cancer is a metabolic disease—a problem at the cellular level. You truly are what you eat. 

Glutamine, glucose (sugar), and processed toxic foods feed cancer. But the opposite starves cancer cells.

The late Dr. Max Gerson, “The most eminent genius in medical history,” has the most storied reputation for reversing advanced cancer and degenerative diseases. 20 pounds of organic veggies and fruit, coffee enemas, and strategic supplements throughout the day are at the core of how Gerson Therapy restores bodies and kicks cancer far away! 

Today I am elated to talk with Dr. Patrick Vickers, the representing face of Gerson Therapy worldwide. He is personally trained by Dr. Gerson’s family and is one of the few people who have studied Dr. Gerson’s handwritten files. Dr. Vickers now continues to carry on Dr. Gerson’s legacy through his Advanced Gerson Clinic in Mexico and speaking around the world.

To start your path to eating and drinking away cancer, Dr. Vickers has given all Wellness Warriors free access to listen to his lectures on the Science Behind metabolism. You can find that here, with code: podcast.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:16): The Gerson Therapy Explained

(5:27): Juicing and its Affects on Blood Sugar

(7:52): More about the “Advanced” Gerson Therapy of Today

(10:30): From Chiropractic to Gerson

(13:26): The Affects of Gerson on Tuberculosis Patients

(19:59): The Cause of Cancer Today

(21:55): Testimonials

(23:35): What is Involved in the Advanced Gerson Therapy Protocols

(26:26): Recommended Supplements

(29:35): Why Exercise is Not the Best Thing

(31:29): High Dose Enzymes

(32:50): The Importance of Coffee Enemas