The Wellness Mama with Katie Wells

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| Feb, 04 2019

The Wellness Mama with Katie Wells

On this episode of Breast Cancer Conqueror, Dr. V speaks with Katie Wells.  Katie, the “Wellness Mama” is a wife and mom of six.  She is an award-winning blogger, author, podcaster and real food crusader. Her mission with is to provide simple answers for healthier families. Her site is full of practical tips, real food recipes, natural remedies, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials.  Check out her newest book The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox Book, an essential DIY guide to healthier, cleaner, all-natural life.

Listen in as they discuss everything from raising healthy kids in today’s world to reducing toxic exposures in the home, as well as the importance of self-care.   


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(4:15) – Becoming the Wellness Mama

(7:33) – Her struggle with Hashimoto’s

(10:42) – Importance of fasting

(14:37) – Balancing your journey

(20:49) – Balancing your relationships

(23:03) – Creating a wellness environment in your home