Tips for Surviving and Thriving After Cancer

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| May, 08 2023

Tips for Surviving and Thriving After Cancer

Christine Elliot Podcast

In this episode, we discuss some tips for surviving and thriving after cancer.  The importance of mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, as well as the role of conventional and alternative therapies in a comprehensive cancer care plan.

Stage 3 breast cancer and stage 2 lung cancer are “so so scary.” Fast forward to today, Christine Elliott, owner and operator of Live Free Wellness and Mindset Mastery School, has helped women worldwide reintegrate into their post-treatment busy days and rekindle their love for life.

Tune in to discover how to turn your pain into power and purpose. If you are feeling lost, struggling with all the changes, overwhelmed by the unknowns, and looking for encouragement and guidance—this episode is for you!

If you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed by the challenges of cancer, or simply looking for guidance and inspiration, this episode is for you. As a special gift, Christine will be sharing her guide, “Barely Surviving to Thriving – A Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Turning Pain into Power.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • Primary Breast and Lung Cancer Diagnosis
  • The Cancer Personality
  • Survivorship and what comes after Treatment is completed
  • Turning Pain into Power