The Truth About Women of Color and Breast Cancer

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| Mar, 25 2024

The Truth About Women of Color and Breast Cancer

Suzette Simon Podcast

Today, Suzette Simons, who proudly wears the badge of Your Black Breast Friend, joins us for light laughs and serious insight into the challenges of women of color regarding breast cancer awareness and treatment. You will also acquire strategies to engage and empower Black women (and help any woman overcome fears) by taking proactive steps toward breast health and early detection. 

As Suzette said, “Every time a woman of color shares her cancer journey, it feels like a gift that keeps on giving. Because with your support, someone out there may get a chance at a pair of healthy boobs and a brighter future.”

Tune in, share, and support. We are all in this TOGETHER. #StrongBlackBoobs


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • Suzette’s Journey and Motivation
  • Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment
  • The Power of Humor and Community
  • Using comedy for social impact and community building in public spaces
  • Advocacy for Early Detection and Self-Love