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| Oct, 06 2020



Orasal™ is part of a recommended protocol consisting of four
products*: Orasal, Alk-Align, and pHenomenal. These four products
are designed to work together to serve specific functions critical to
your recovery.
Orasal contains the Salicinium™ molecule. The Salicinium in this
product is specifically targeted to anaerobic diseases including cancer
cells as well as some viruses, bacteria, fungi and Lymes. It is very
important you follow the 16 milliliters per day dosage, taking it every
day. 16 milliliters of the Orasal concentrate is equal to 6 grams of
Salicinium. Since Orasal has a 24 hour half-life, this means that if you
take 6 grams today, you will have ~3.0 grams in your system tomorrow.
By adding, daily, to this residual amount, you are gradually saturating
the tissues throughout your body with Salicinium. Complete saturation
takes approximately 6 weeks on the oral protocol provided you do not
miss a dose. This saturation point is very important because it is at this
point anaerobic diseases lose their ability to produce new anaerobic
cells. This means that you have stopped the forward progression of
your disease; it cannot spread to any other tissues at this point.

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Please refrigerate after opening
Dosage Instructions:
Dilute 8 milliliters of Orasal concentrate (4 pumps using
included pump) into at least 8 ounces of water or other
approved liquid*. Please wash the included pump in hot
water before use to make sure there are no
Orasal does not need to be taken on an empty stomach
but should be taken 15 minutes away from other food or
any acidic drinks.