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For women diagnosed with Breast Cancer, lymph node removal is a typical procedure performed by conventional doctors either before treatment (in the form of a biopsy) or after surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy. The premise is that cancer cells in the mammary area will tend to spread to sentinel lymph nodes, breast cancer prevention
In 1889, English surgeon Dr. Stephen Paget published his “seed and the soil hypothesis,” noting that the likelihood of cancer to spread depends on its environment (The Lancet, 133, no. 3421). Similarly, T. Colin Campbell compared the three stages of tumor growth – initiation, promotion and progression – to the growth
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Since I spend many hours in front of my computer doing research and communicating with women around the globe, I was curious about the potential effects of the daily exposure of Wi Fi on my health. Our society is advancing technologically at an incredible rate. Just go back a mere 50
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Who knew that a simple blade of bright green grass could contain a literal powerhouse of cancer-healing and energy-boosting nutrients? The ancient Mesopotamians knew it over 5,000 years ago when they grew it in abundance and consumed it for super-health and vitality. And health pioneer Ann Wigmore’s grandmother certainly knew

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