Vitamin C IV
In our age of super-technology and medical “breakthroughs,” we sometimes lose sight of the amazing power of the simplest substances. Yet it is often those simple things that can be the catalysts for the most significant healing. Eating more organic greens, moving our bodies, and healing emotional traumas are examples.
The “Budwig Diet” has been an amazingly simple yet extremely successful cancer-healing protocol for over half a century. The basic ingredients are simple yet quite revolutionary: flax seed oil and cottage cheese. How the formula came to be is just as interesting as why it works so well. In fact, it has been
Conventional medicine treats Breast Cancer in the only way that it knows how: by cutting out visible tumors and dousing the rest of the body with toxic chemotherapy drugs or radiation in an attempt to kill the rest of the cancer cells before they spread. If you have had conventional
coffee enema
Mention the word “enema” and the person you are speaking with will either get it or won’t. If they don’t, you’ll know it right away. A red face, a hand to the mouth, and perhaps a suppressed giggle will more than likely be the reaction. For the growing number of

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