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Methylation was something I stumbled across during my first healing journey. I just happened to have my homocysteine levels tested and they were a whopping 21 µmol/L! (normal should be around 7 µmol/L) I was a stroke waiting to happen!  As I dug deeper, I discovered that part of the
Believe me, you know the substance capsaicin (even if you think you don’t). And if you like spicy foods, odds are you know it very well. Capsaicin is a molecular compound found in chili peppers; turns out that capsaicin also contains a treasure trove of health benefits. Recent research has
When we think of vitamin E, a lot of us focus on what it can do for skin health. Protecting the skin is just one of the ways that certain kinds of vitamin E can support you on your Breast Health journey. However, years of cutting edge research by Dr.
In Part 1 of this two-part series on biological dentistry, I discussed how to be SMART when it comes to amalgam removal. If you haven’t read that informative article yet, be sure to check it out! In Part II, I’ll discuss how metal in your mouth can throw you off