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Breast Health Gifts
At this time of year, many people are wondering what kind of gifts they want to share with their family and friends. Although I personally do not participate in gift giving at this time of year, we get many requests about ideas for gifts revolving around health. Here are a
Palmitic Acid
At a Glance: A protein called CD36, found in cell membranes of tumor cells, is responsible for taking up fatty acids (Palmitic Acid). It is a general marker of metastatic cells. Some foods that contain Palmitic Acid are full-fat cheese, meats, and some oils. Cutting out Palmitic Acid from your
Sugar to avoid
The old phrase, “You are what you eat,” is 110% true––especially when it comes to cancer. Glutamine and glucose power up cancer cells. However, you are empowered to turn off the power of glutamine and glucose from growing the cancer cells. All by what you eat––or really what you do
The great milk debate! Amazingly, we can go to most grocery stores and find milk from almonds, sweet peas, sunflower seeds, coconuts, flax seeds, cashews, goats, hemp, sheep, and yes, even cows! I wonder if kids even associate milk with cows these days!?  Before we get into the A1 or