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In 2003, Dr. Nancy M. Cappello got her regular mammogram, and a clean bill of health. But six weeks later, her doctor felt a lump in her breast during a physical exam. Another mammogram did not see the lump, but a subsequent ultrasound did. Cappello was shocked to discover that
Among the dozens of health-promoting phytonutrients available in whole foods, one of the most researched is berberine. Traditional medicine practitioners in the East have used berberine for centuries as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and more. What was not known until recently, however, is how berberine can help to heal and prevent
Roughly 7 % of Americans have some form of clinical depression. It is common knowledge that this sometimes-devastating condition can raise the risk of Breast Cancer as well. I can tell you that I understand depression as I struggled with it for years. But I had “closet depression” since I
What you eat can be your best medicine, or your worst poison– and that goes for what you “eat” through your skin as well. As we come into the warmer seasons, it is important to make wise choices regarding the sunscreen you choose for yourself and your family. Mass media