A Balanced Nervous System Supports Cancer Healing

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| Aug, 15 2022

A Balanced Nervous System Supports Cancer Healing

“Having compassion for yourself is what really brings the body back home.”

Dr. Mona Meyer spent 10 years researching cancer before flowing into energy and nervous system work. Cancer is an incredibly complex challenge, and true remission requires full mind, body, and spirit healing. Dr. Meyer is now a certified EFT (tapping) and Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Listening to her episode felt like opening a gift of cancer research wrapped together with the inner calm and relaxation it takes to properly heal the cancer cells and prevent them from developing again. Cancer and your nervous system and directly connected, and Dr. Meyers is the perfect person to explain the why and how of it all. 

As an actionable way to bring your body back home to a safe and healthy place, download a FREE guide to 3 of Mona’s top energy exercises to help calm your nervous system. Inhale, exhaalleee. You got this. 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:59): Pain to Passion Story

(9:23): Spontaneous Cancer Remission

(14:42): The Nerve System and Its Role in Cancer

(23:03) – How to Balance the Energies

(28:19) – Being Authentic and Compassionate with Yourself