Emotional Freedom Technique: How Tapping Can Change Your Life!

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Blog | Jun, 15 2021

Emotional Freedom Technique: How Tapping Can Change Your Life!


The natural health modality called Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping,” is an amazing tool that everybody on a healing journey can benefit from.  Tapping is easy to learn, quick to work and has already changed the lives of so many who practice it. In this article, I will take a look at this amazingly simple yet effective modality.  We will dive into some of the research behind it and let you in on an opportunity to experience it yourself!

Energy Medicine In a Nutshell

EFT, also known as “tapping,” is based on the stimulation of acupuncture meridians. In Chinese medicine, the energetic pathways in the body through which energy flows (and also where blockages can occur) are called meridians. EFT uses the Chinese medicine system in order to determine which points to “tap.” “Do these meridians really exist?” some have asked? This has been proven many times. 

By injecting an acupuncture point with a radioactive dye, and then subsequently taking x-rays of the area, the meridian can be clearly seen as a thin line. Also, there are instruments that can measure the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points on the body. So the points do exist and are a way to access not only the energy system of the body but also indirectly, the organs in which the meridians flow though. When negative thoughts, stress, and dis-ease affect our thinking and feeling, this energy can become blocked or stuck, very similar to a traffic jam. 


Tapping Points

How Does EFT Work?

Now that we have established some basic foundations about energy medicine, you probably want to know how tapping works specifically and how it can benefit you. So let’s get to it!  

EFT was created in the 1990s by Gary Craig, who trained under psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. In the 1980s, Callahan developed a method that was a precursor to Craig’s tapping techniques. His method was called Thought Field Therapy, or TFT.

Callahan developed TFT after working with a woman who had an extreme fear of the water. He created a series of meridian tapping techniques that were able to help the woman break free of her phobia. He went on to successfully develop tapping routines for other conditions as well.

Craig sought to improve upon TFT. He created the Emotional Freedom Technique as a more universal and simpler method that anyone could learn. TFT was a rather complicated process that had a particular “tapping sequence” for each condition. EFT relies on the same basic tapping method and verbal pattern no matter what the situation (although the specific words can change).  Because of this millions of individuals around the world are able to use it every day to lower stress, reduce pain, and more.

Basically, the Emotional Freedom Technique gets the energy in your body moving again! It does this by focusing on the emotional aspects of the challenge or issue.  Eventually turning them around in a natural yet positive way. It also zeroes in on specific “tapping points” related to these subconscious patterns and emotions. This is a big part of why it is so effective.

Modern research is now discovering the connection between emotions and physical disease. What’s more, once negative emotions such as anger, shame, and sadness are accepted and carefully examined by an individual, this is when healing can begin. A study of more than 130 women found that those with the highest amount of “emotional acceptance” had the lowest rates of cancer-related inflammatory cytokines.  In addition, scores for Interleukin-8, which is a strong biomarker for Breast Cancer, were particularly low in the women with the most emotional acceptance. Wow!

Benefits of EFT for Trauma, PTSD, Pain, and Cancer 

According to Biology of Belief author Bruce Lipton, EFT is a great way to “reprogram” long-held, harmful belief patterns and replace them with healthier ones. 

The results of this “reprogramming” for the physical disease are pretty remarkable. In addition to PTSD and trauma, specific research studies over the last decade or so have found that tapping can also help with anxiety and depression, addictive behaviors, physical pain, weight loss, and symptoms of fibromyalgia.

EFT can also lessen the side effects of conventional cancer treatments such as Anti-hormones therapies

Chronic stress can keep our minds and body in Fight or Fight mode. The almond-shaped amygdala in our brain keeps us on high alert if we remain stressed. Studies have shown that EFT lowers the stress response in the amygdala, stimulates the relaxation response in our nerve system, and lowers cortisol levels. 

As you probably already know, emotional healing (i.e. Essential #4) is a huge component of my 7 Essentials System ®. So is “Balancing Your Energy” (Essential #3). Both focus on lowering stress and healing trauma as vital components to moving past any dis-ease.

Whether you are on a healing journey with Breast Cancer or you want to prevent it, lowering stress and healing from trauma is a non-negotiable aspect of creating vibrant health. Scientists have known for the last two decades that there is a direct link between chronic stress and DNA damage that can lead to cancer. Pioneer psycho-oncologist Dr. R. G. Hamer is famous for this quote:

“I searched for cancer in the cell and I have found it in the brain.”

Tapping Can Affect Your Gene Expression

The very latest research into the benefits of tapping has also shown that practicing it can also directly lead to changes in gene expression.

Researchers conducting a study at Akamai University on the Big Island of Hawaii made an amazing discovery. Scientists with the university’s Department of Applied Psychology found that after just 60 minutes of tapping, over 70 specific genes had been positively regulated in participants. These genes had to do with the immune system, brain health, inflammatory responses, and more. They also discovered that disease-related genes were down-regulated. Some of the DNA that was upregulated were those that increased immune responses against infection, those that built up “white matter” in the brain (white matter is connected to cognition and learning), those that created neuroplasticity, those related to reducing oxidative stress, those connected to balancing insulin, genes that helped support the integrity of cell membranes, and more!

A significant discovery of the research team was that tapping also upregulated genes that code for “tumor necrosis.” These are the mechanisms through which the immune system is able to identify cancer cells and eliminate them.

“If a drug company had announced that they had developed a drug that had even 10% of these effects, it would be an instant billion-dollar wonder. Yet all these benefits are available for us free, just from an hour of tapping,” comments EFT researcher and motivational speaker Dawson Church.

Get Started with EFT Today! 

Studies have indicated that the most effective way to work with EFT is to do it consistently and on a regular basis, preferably every day.

It is pretty easy to do this since the Emotional Freedom Technique is easy (and even fun!) to learn. Most tapping techniques utilize roughly 8 different “tapping” points. They are all located between the top of the head and the chest. As a person taps, they also verbalize first the issue at hand (i.e. the cause of the stress). Then eventually they move to “turn around” statements that have a neutral or positive (yet honest) spin. Basic scripts are available from websites like The Tapping Solution or EFT Universe.

What is so great about tapping is that eventually, you are able to customize the verbal scripts to your unique situation. Although the tapping points will remain the same, once you get the hang of it, you can also just “ad-lib” at the moment depending on the situation.