Terminate Toxins with Aimee Carlson

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| Dec, 07 2020

Terminate Toxins with Aimee Carlson

Aimee Carlson is a lifetime entrepreneur, best-selling author, and podcast host of The Toxin Terminator.  Aimee is helping people restore and renew their lives by removing hidden toxins from their homes and their lives. She has spent the last 7 years renewing her own health naturally.  After working in the automotive industry for many of her adult years, her toxic exposure was high there.  She suffered from migraines, headaches, and numerous reproductive problems that led her to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 37 and fighting menopause symptoms from that time forward.  There were so many doctor visits, numerous medications, and yet no solutions and it was truly an accidental opportunity that she found solutions that allowed her body to heal.  It is now her life purpose and passion to help others find there is a way to live without chronic disease and truly renew their health, focus, and energy.

In this episode, Aimee shares the sources in our home and environment that cause the biggest issues.  As well as the best ways to go about detoxing your body.  Aimee is offering our listeners her Free Toxic Risk AssessmentFind out what your toxic risk exposure is through this series of questions that will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.  In the end, you will get your score and what your risk exposure is as well as an opportunity to jump on a call FREE with Aimee to discuss your results, any questions you might have and she will help you figure out your best steps forward.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(3:00) – Becoming The Toxin Terminator

(7:11) – Healing from Chronic Migraines

(9:11) – The Five Pillars of Living a Toxin-Free Life

(9:59) – Why a Shower Filter could be more important than a Drinking Filter

(13:19) – How to Handle Toxic Relationships

(15:48) – Supporting our Bodies to Remove Toxins

(18:59) – Reaching the Point of Toxic Overload

(20:50) – Top Toxins to Remove from the Home

(22:21) – Think Dirty

(23:42) – Green Washing