Revealing Breast Cancer Bio Hack Secrets that Work Now

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| Oct, 09 2023

Revealing Breast Cancer Bio Hack Secrets that Work Now

Dr Galardi Breast Cancer Bio Hack Secrets

May you discover your inner home of knowing, and from this place, that what emerges is your soul’s next true purpose. Yes, that is Dr. Toni Galardi and my dream for you—and part of why she’s the star of today’s podcast episode. 

The other reason is how she BRILLIANTLY bio-hacked all aspects of her life to heal breast cancer. She shares her breast cancer bio hack secrets here.

Dr. Galardi is a Jungian-trained psychotherapist turned career coach, keynote speaker, executive coach, addiction treatment consultant, evolutionary and medical astrologer, advice columnist, and author of two award-winning books—needless to say, she has next-level advice we all need to hear. 

Tune in to learn about her exact healing formulas, the breast cancer “pink tax,” how to align with yourself, and so much more.

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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • Introduction to Dr. Tony Gallardi: Dr. Toni Galardi, a psychotherapist turned cancer coach, author, and addiction treatment consultant, shares her journey from diagnosis to becoming a passionate advocate for breast cancer prevention and intervention.
  • Xenoestrogens and Environmental Toxins: Xenoestrogens, environmental toxins found in everyday products like shampoos and skincare items, are highlighted as potential contributors to breast cancer. These toxins can disrupt hormonal balance and impact overall health.
  • The Importance of Self-Care and Boundaries: Dr. V and Dr. Galardi emphasize the significance of self-care and setting boundaries, especially for individuals who tend to be empathetic caregivers. Maintaining emotional and physical health is crucial.
  • The Role of Lifestyle and Choices: Dr. Toni’s personal journey and research underscore the importance of making informed lifestyle choices, such as diet, stress management, and seeking holistic alternatives, when facing breast cancer or other health challenges.
  • Exploring Treatment Alternatives: Dr. Toni discusses her proactive approach to cancer treatment, which includes holistic therapies such as coffee enemas, SEACT (a natural supplement), and mushroom supplements, emphasizing the importance of research and personal exploration.
  • Reduction in Tumor Size: Dr. Toni shares the significant reduction in tumor size (from over 2 centimeters to 1.1 centimeters) she achieved through her holistic approach before undergoing a biopsy, underscoring the potential benefits of complementary treatments.