Coffee Enemas: A Must for a Toxic World

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Blog | Feb, 01 2016

Coffee Enemas: A Must for a Toxic World

coffee enema

Mention the word “enema” and the person you are speaking with will either get it or won’t. If they don’t, you’ll know it right away. A red face, a hand to the mouth, and perhaps a suppressed giggle will more than likely be the reaction.

For the growing number of individuals who are in the know about the health benefits of enemas, however (and you may be one of them), the procedure has become an integral part of their regular health routine. Experts and those who practice it regularly both agree that for vibrant health, increased energy, the elimination of toxins, and a multitude of other reasons, enemas are vital for overall health maintenance.

And in many parts of the world, it is a practice that is as common as brushing one’s teeth. In India, of course, bowel cleansing with Ayurvedic herbs has been practiced for thousands of years. In Egypt, the pharaohs had doctors who specialized in keeping the royal bowels clean. During the Renaissance in France, the practice was considered common as well.

Why Coffee?colon

An enema can be administered using a mixture of clean, fresh water and many healing substances, such as lemon juice, green tea, aloe vera, or various herbs. The special properties of coffee, however, make it the most effective of all.

Coffee’s healing properties were discovered at the turn of the 20th century in Germany. Researchers there noticed that in laboratory animals, caffeine had the effect of opening bile ducts and stimulating the production of bile. Perhaps this is why coffee enemas were listed in the Merck Manual, traditional medicine’s “bible”,  until the early 1970s.

Later it was discovered that the benefits of coffee for enema had more to do with its ability to detoxify the liver versus simply cleaning the lower bowel. While the coffee sits in the bowels, it is absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall and through the liver’s “portal” vein. The caffeine in the coffee then stimulates the gall bladder as well. A mere 15-20 minute coffee enema can have a profound detoxification effect since blood flows through the liver at a rate of every 3 minutes. This is why an enema with specialized organic coffee is part of many well-known natural cancer healing and wellness protocols.

Aside from its effect on the liver, coffee enemas also provide the body with phytochemicals, namely kahweol and cafestol, which activate glutathione and cellular detoxification.

Kahweol in particular has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties in laboratory studies and has been shown to stop the growth of early tumors by restricting their blood flow.

These phytochemicals have been shown to stimulate phase II detoxifying and antioxidant enzymes. Kahweol and cafestol also decrease the activity of enzymes that promote cancer cell growth, thus they help prevent carcinogenesis.

They have also been shown to stimulate cancer cell death in malignant lung cancers by affecting certain pathways. Perhaps this is an indication of how it could be affecting Breast Cancer cells.  

Tips on Performing a Coffee Enema

A coffee enema can easily be administered in the privacy of your home using an enema kit, preferably one that has a stainless steel bucket or glass bucket.  The most important thing to remember is to use fresh, chemical-free water (either distilled, spring or well) and certified organic, pesticide-free coffee.

After years of doing my own enemas as well as counseling others on the procedure, the coffee that I recommend hands down is from SA Wilson. SA Wilson is the coffee supplier for many alternative health centers around the world, including the Gerson Therapy Centers and Dr. William D. Kelley’s College Health. 

Make your enema a time of relaxation and quiet time. Light a candle, listen to relaxing music, or do meditation as you cleanse your body. 

Adding coffee enema to your healthy breast and healthy lifestyle protocol is more important now than ever. Every day, we all are exposed to dozens of chemicals in our air, water, food, and overall environment. If you are on a healing journey and killing off unhealthy cells every day, it is very important to support your liver’s detoxification pathways.  It goes without saying that without coffee enemas and other ways to detoxify the liver, our bodies will inevitably become overloaded and this can have dire consequences on your health. 

    • Not that I am aware of, but as always check with your physician first. I would think that it would certainly help, especially if you have methylation issues.

  • All I know is that after a Zyto extensive health evaluation the Dr. told me I had only 3% toxins where most of her patients have 98% toxins. I am a big beleiver in coffee enemas with organic coffee…”Chery”

  • Is it safe to do if one has hemorrhoids ? Seems I read someplace that if you have hemorrhoids it was probably not safe to attempt to do these on yourself.

      • if you read Healing the Gerson way it is safe to do with Hemorrhoids, and Charlotte Gerson says it will generally clear them up after a while. Excellent book.

  • I do the enemas daily in the morning and and I feel a lot of energy. I am 77 years old and very healthy, just take vitamins. I am vegan and I will try to eat raw foods. I drink fresh veggie juice and fruits every day using the Norwalk juicer, very expensive best juicer in the market and it’s worth it.
    Advice to all out there to become healthy. ????

    • There is not a set rule for that … it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For some it is once a week, for others it is several times a day (with other supports like juicing and mineral repletion).