Cancer and Vitamin C with Dr. Lucas Tims

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| Jan, 31 2022

Cancer and Vitamin C with Dr. Lucas Tims

Dr Lucas Tims

This episode features Dr. Lucas Tims as he talks to Dr. V about Cancer and Vitamin C.  Dr. Lucas Tims was born into a family where nutrition and organic eating were the norms, and in his formative years, he became deeply interested in science and medicine. His upbringing combined with influential mentors during his undergraduate studies helped pave his path toward naturopathic medicine.

In his second year of Naturopathic medical school, Dr. Lucas met his future wife. Shortly after they began dating, she was diagnosed with cancer. Helping her through her cancer journey was a turning point for him that fueled his passion for specializing in cancer care.

Over the years, Dr. Lucas has provided Integrative Medicine support for thousands of cancer patients at multiple Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) hospitals and clinics and now at Riordan Clinic.  Throughout his tenure at Riordan Clinic, he has been instrumental in the development and expansion of comprehensive cancer programs that include therapies such as IV Vitamin C, mistletoe, ozone therapy, Helleborus, and acupuncture.

Listen in to this episode to find out why high dose Vitamin C IVs are so beneficial for cancer.  In addition, how there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to dosing Vitamin C. As well as, the do and don’ts for using Vitamin C and mistletoe while undergoing conventional treatment.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:37) – The importance of Nutrition

(5:07) – Cancer hits home

(8:30) – Time at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America

(11:17) – The root causes of cancer

(14:27) – High Dose Vitamin C

(19:58) – Vitamin C IV and Conventional Treatments

(21:17) – Is your Vitamin C source corn-based?

(22:47) – How to figure out the right dosage of Vitamin C IV

(25:59) – The benefits of Mistletoe