Ozone Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth

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Essential # 2: Eliminate Toxic Exposure | Aug, 08 2016

Ozone Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth


We have all experienced it. Just after a lightning storm, the air is pungent with that smell and the atmosphere seems to be “alive with freshness.” What you are experiencing is the after-effects of Ozone. Nature uses Ozone to cleanse the environment of contaminants─ and health practitioners the world over since the 1800’s have used it for healing everything from dental infections to Breast Cancer.

What Is Ozone and How Does It Work to Heal Cancer?

cancer ozoneOzone (03) is a close cousin to Oxygen (02). The extra molecule makes 03 highly reactive and a powerful healing substance. Ozone is able to oxidize plaque and break down matter such as blockages inside blood vessels. It can also destroy cancer cells.

Doctors outside of the U.S. have known about and used  Ozone for decades.  In fact, in some many parts of the world, ozone is part of the established health-care system. Cuban doctors use it to treat close to 50 different ailments and in Germany, it is covered by health insurance.

“Ozone therapy has been utilized and heavily studied for more than a century,” says a 2011 Indian report published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine.  “Its effects are proven, consistent, safe and with minimal and preventable side effects.”

It has also been proven to have a profound effect on cancer. Half a century ago, Nobel Prize-winning researcher Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the unique relationship between cancer and the oxygen molecule:

“Cancer cells meet their energy needs by fermentation, not oxidation. Thus, they are dependent upon glucose and a high oxygen environment is toxic to them.”

Healthy cells, on the other hand, thrive in oxygen-rich environments. That is why ozone and the multitude of ozone therapies  can be so effective on tumor cells. Ozone therapies infuse the body with oxygen, giving healthy cells a lift and destroying pathogens.

“We are seeing patients who were bedridden two years ago…,” says Dr. Rilling Beyerle of the German Medical Ozone Society regarding the Breast Cancer patients he regularly sees. “[With ozone], they are becoming ambulatory. Their energy level is coming up. They are gaining weight.”

A study conducted over 30 years ago and published in the journal Science found that Ozone exposure, in a dose-dependent manner,  inhibited lung, uterine and Breast Cancer cell growth by up to 90 percent while non-cancerous cells were unaffected.

According to the late Dr. Robert Willner, O3 acts to strengthen healthy cells and destroy pathogens, including cancer cells, through several means:

  • It activates the enzymes involved in “free radical destruction”
  • It enhances metabolic detoxification
  • It increases red blood cell pliability and blood fluidity
  • It increases the production of white blood cells and strengthens their effectiveness in detecting and destroying foreign matter
  • It disrupts the cell wall  of pathogenic cells
  • It is a strong anti-bacterial and germicide, both externally and within the body
  • It stimulates the immune system in general 

Holistic Dental Uses for Ozone

“The beauty of ozone is that ozone works with mitochondria and increases ATP production,” says Dr. Fen-Hui Chen, a holistic dentist in La Jolla, California who has extensive training in ozone therapies and uses it daily to treat her dental patients. “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Ozone can moderate the immune system… because ozone can produce ozonoid, an antioxidant that can conquer oxidative stress.”

Holistic dentists such as Dr. Chen are the perhaps the new pioneers of Ozone use in the United States. In many states, Ozone is still banned by law; currently, its medical use is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In dental settings, however, Ozone is perfectly legal and is being used more and more for the prevention of dental infection after surgery and in other capacities.  Dr. Chen and others recommend ozone-infused oils (olive or coconut) for at-home oral oil pulling as well.

 The Ozone Doctor website also has many resources and informational articles to help you understand the benefits of Ozone therapy.  I have personally used Ozone Therapy at home and have enjoyed the many benefits. 

When Ozone is used in coordination with a Healthy Breast diet and lifestyle, it can be a very powerful tool to stimulate and balance the immune system, oxygenate the blood, clean out pathogens and weaken unhealthy cells.


    • The air we breathe is O2 (or 2 atoms of oxygen that are bound together). Ozone is O3 (or 3 atoms of oxygen bound together).
      Whether administered as an IV, an injection, an insufflation (generating ozone into a bag – it can be administered vaginally, rectally, into the facial sinuses or into the ear), or bubbling it into water and drinking the water, ozone uses the power of oxygen to accelerate healing.
      For more information check out this article: https://breastcancerconqueror.com/ozone-inhibits-cancer-cell-growth/