Clean Skin from Within with Dr. Trevor Cates

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| Dec, 10 2018

Clean Skin from Within with Dr. Trevor Cates

Dr. Trevor Cates is the author of the bestselling book Clean Skin From Within. Also known as “The Spa Dr.” she is the first woman to have been licensed as a naturopathic doctor in the state of California. Dr. Cates believes the key to healthy skin is inner and outer nourishment with non-toxic ingredients.

Listen in as Dr. Cates describes the 5 different skin types and what she sees as the 6 root causes to every skin issue.  Find out her take on sun exposure and what to look for in a sunscreen. Plus Dr. Cates shares her list of the best and worst foods for your skin.   


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:51) – How Dr. Cates became the “spa doctor”

(4:47) – Why our skin is a magic mirror

(6:14) – The five different skin types

(8:27) – The two-week plan

(11:49) – Trigger foods

(14:24) – Collagen, fact or fiction?

(16:20) – The skin microbiome

(18:52) – Ingredients to look out for

(24:50) – Healthy sun protection

(27:50) – Perfect sun protection for women

(30:38) – Some recipes for great skin

(32:35) – The skin quiz Free Gift