Emotional Trauma, Stress, and the link to Cancer

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| Apr, 24 2023

Emotional Trauma, Stress, and the link to Cancer

emotional trauma, stress, and cancer podcast

How critical is healing emotional trauma and stress for cancer prevention?

Honestly, if I were to start over with the 7 Essentials System®, I would put Essential #4 (Heal Your Emotional Wounds) as number one because it’s that critical for healing.

Emotional trauma and stress are triggers that can initiate the development of cancer in your body. Over and over again, I hear from women in the BCC community that they can pretty much pinpoint the trauma and stress that led to the development of their diagnosis. However, healing emotional wounds from trauma is tragically sometimes the last thing people think about when receiving a breast cancer diagnosis. 

Today, join me on a journey of learning about how emotional and physical health is directly connected, and practical ways to let the healing begin!


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • The link between emotional stress and Cancer
  • Essential #4 for healing Emotional Wounds
  • Dr. Carl Simonon, in “Getting Well Again”, the connection between emotions and cancer
  • Exhibiting traits such as significant loss, difficulty with forgiveness, inability to have meaningful relationships, and poor self-esteem.
  • Psychological stress and suppression of the immune system allow cellular mutations to occur.
  • How visualizations and guided meditations give cancer patients hope, optimism, and a sense of control over their situation.
  • Emotional acceptance, or the willingness and ability to accept and experience negative emotions.
  • The Emotional triggers that can initiate the development of cancer in the body.