7 Essentials System®

The practical & proven plan for holistic healing.

Your doctors will give you a treatment plan, but you deserve a total mind, body, and soul HEALING PLAN that sets you on a path to vibrant health. The 7 Essentials System® helps you navigate the root cause of what allowed breast cancer to show up so that you can truly heal, prevent recurrence, and thrive. Let the transformation begin, and never fear breast cancer again!

First, study each essential and read a few blogs. Breathe deep, absorb, and then make your plan of action with guidance from HOW TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine. It is a self-paced online program that teaches you how to weave the best of natural and conventional medicine together for optimal health and healing. 

Essential 1

Let Food Be Your Medicine

Food is fuel. What you put into your body can either starve or feed cancer. Specific foods and teas are proven to kill cancer cells, make traditional treatments (such as chemotherapy) more effective, and restore your immune system. 

Get started with these bites:

Essential 2

Reduce Your Toxic Exposure

We live in a highly toxic world—from chemicals in tap water and beauty products to even cancer treatments and dental care. Your body often can’t handle flushing out all the toxins on its own, so detoxing is necessary for drainage, healing breast cancer, and preventing illnesses. 

You also have the power to choose what goes into your body and mind. Avoiding toxins by choosing safer products and kinder words can make all the difference in the success of your healing.

Discover detoxing and better products:

Essential 3

Balance Your Energy

Everything is energy. “You are only one billionth of physical matter…the rest is ALL energy.” -Nobel Prize Laureate Carlo Rubbia. Balancing your energy, hormones, and mental health are all crucial pieces of the healing puzzle.

Essential #3 is about balancing your hormones, your sleep, your exercise and your nerve system. Getting into the Relaxation Response every day is very important for your healing. 

Rejuvenate your energy systems and balance your body with healing therapies:

Essential 4

Heal Your Emotional Wounds

Your emotions (energy in motion) and trauma can be “trapped” in your body, and that effect can lead to body pains, sickness, and dis-ease. This feeling can truly make someone feel heavy, less mobile, and exhausted, embodying the term “emotional baggage.” Stress levels and emotional health are also directly connected to your immune system and your hormones. Unhealthy emotions can even impact your DNA and how your genes express themselves. 

Heal and release trauma and stress with therapeutic techniques:

Essential 5

Embrace Biological Dentistry

The breast-dental connection is so strong that I can confidently say about 90% of my clients have had adverse health effects from mercury-filled amalgams, root canals, cavitations, and other dental toxicities. This is because your teeth directly connect to your breasts via the meridian system; they are not separate entities that can be drilled, poked, and stuffed with toxic poisons. This is why safe, nontoxic products and dental practices such as working with biological dentists are critical to healing breast cancer. 

Open up smart, nontoxic oral health solutions:

Essential 6

Repair Your Body with Therapeutic Plants

There are specific plants and supplements that actively kill cancer cells, reduce tumors, detoxify and strengthen your immune system. They can also make chemo and radiation more effective while decreasing the unpleasant side effects. No matter your treatment plan, adding therapeutic plants and supplements is safe, effective, and necessary for vibrant health.

Nourish and blossom with these powerful plants:

Essential 7

Adopt Very Early Detection

The easiest way to heal breast cancer is to catch it very early and take strategic action. The “pink movement” has promoted mammography as the first step to early detection. But there are so many other powerful screening tools that can help you assess your health for prevention or for your healing journey. 

However, several safe and accurate “outside the box” tests can help you detect breast cancer years before a visible mass appears. These tests can also help you monitor the progress of your healing.

Detect and monitor with these safe and accurate tests:

Just like in testing, there are safer and minimally invasive treatments available for you to consider:

Lastly, my dear wellness warrior, getting diagnosed with breast cancer (or recurrence) does NOT mean you just have to go into panic or survival mode. It means leaping into THRIVING MODE by advocating for your unique healing plan.

Research, ask questions, get second opinions, and be your biggest advocate. Get started by reading this blog post: 10 Questions To Ask Your Oncologist and my Top 10 Lessons From My Healing Journeys.

You got this! The Breast Cancer Conqueror Community is here to support you every step of the way.