It’s Not About the Tumor, You Need To Focus On The Terrain

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| May, 06 2024

It’s Not About the Tumor, You Need To Focus On The Terrain

Nicole Saleske Podcast Interview

Your body doesn’t make mistakes—rather, it responds to its environment—something you (for the most part) have control over. It’s not about the tumor, it is about the terrain. This is the terrain-centric approach (compared to tumor-centric) that of Nicole Saleske, NP. I’m delighted to have her on the podcast because she has seen remarkable success amongst her patients since focusing on the terrain awakens your innate ability to heal. 

According to Nicole, you are not cancer. You are a person who is having a “cancer-ing” experience, but it is not WHO you are—because it is not yours to keep!

Tune in to learn how your body’s terrain can create an environment that is hospitable to cancer. However, since I am a woman of solutions, Nicole and I also discuss specific things you can do to prevent cancer from rooting down into your body’s soil—now and forever.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • Nicole’s Journey to Health and Wellness: Nicole Saleske shares her health struggles, including severe menstrual issues, autoimmune diseases, and a challenging fertility journey. Her experience led her to explore alternative health solutions, ultimately finding relief and recovery through holistic practices, which inspired her shift from fertility to cancer care.
  • Introduction to the Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Nicole explains the metabolic theory of cancer, which contrasts with the traditional genetic viewpoint. This approach considers cancer as a systemic issue rather than just bad luck, focusing on environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to cancer development.
  • Fishbowl Analogy: Nicole uses the “fishbowl analogy” to describe her approach to cancer treatment. This analogy emphasizes the importance of creating a healthy environment in the body so that cancer cannot thrive, rather than just focusing on treating the tumor.
  • Emphasis on Emotional and Spiritual Health: The discussion highlights the significant role emotional and spiritual health play in recovery from cancer. Nicole suggests that addressing emotional traumas and fostering a positive spiritual outlook can be crucial components of a holistic cancer treatment plan.
  • Empowerment and Ownership of Health: Nicole encourages listeners, particularly those dealing with cancer, to take ownership of their health journey, not to see themselves as victims of their diagnosis, and to focus on the underlying causes of their condition to foster healing and well-being.