Late-Stage Cancer Healing with Tara Coyote

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| Aug, 16 2021

Late-Stage Cancer Healing with Tara Coyote

Tara Coyote Podcast 2021

Tara Coyote has been journeying with late-stage breast cancer for almost five years. She treats it using complementary methods: a blend of conventional and non-toxic medicine.  Also, Tara has been publicly sharing her health journey through her blog page, YouTube channel, and social media. She is very grateful to be alive after being recommended to Hospice in the spring of 2019. 

Additionally, Tara is a certified Equine Facilitated Learning teacher and a life coach. During her time running her retreat center, she guided hundreds of people with private sessions, group workshops, and ‘Grief Rituals with Horses. As a result, Tara is highly experienced with helping clients with the grief process and is very familiar with issues around illness.

Tara released an award-winning environmental 10-minute short film about climate change equating it with her health journey in her film Honor the Earth.  In addition, her newly released memoir, ‘Grace, Grit & Gratitude’ is about overcoming adversity and how her horses have been a key part of her miraculous healing from late-stage cancer. 

Above all, she believes it is always possible to find beauty within the greatest tragedy and that every challenge is present to serve us for our highest growth!  Currently, Tara is thriving on her island home living off the grid in a yurt with her animals.

As a free gift to our listeners, Tara shares with us the e-book she has written titled Boundaries.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:21) – Tara’s story with Cancer

(6:11) – Surrendering to an integrative approach

(9:06) – Taking chemotherapy

(12:39) – Practicing self-love

(14:30) – Using an integrative approach

(17:29) – Writing Grace Grit and Gratitude

(22:34) – Why horses

(24:23) – Healing the emotional wounds