This Is A Quick, Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment

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| Aug, 14 2023

This Is A Quick, Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Treatment

Dr Bednarski Podcast

Dr. Hania Bednarski at Serenity Surgery & Wellness is one of the few physicians in the United States who offers Truly Comprehensive Breast Care. One of her game-changing breast cancer healing tools takes surgery and chemo out of the equation for cancers measuring 2cm or less. It’s called Cryoablation—and it works! This is a quick, non-invasive way to heal breast cancer.

Cryoablation is a quick 60-90 minute non-invasive, in-office procedure that can effectively treat early-stage estrogen-sensitive, progesterone-sensitive invasive ductal breast cancers. After the quick procedure, you stand up and drive home. It’s a real treatment that really is all that simple—freeze the cancer.

Get your free copy of Freeze Breast Cancer: Your Guide To An Alternative Breast Cancer Treatment. This book is purposely short, factual, based on science, and straight to the point, without any doctor’s jargon.

Dr. Bednarski would like to clarify the following: “Pectasol-C is recommended for people with ALL breast cancers. It is especially important with triple-negative cancers. However, even patients with hormone receptor-positive or her2-positive breast cancer should still absolutely take Pectasol-C. It will only help the immune system become stronger and decrease inflammation.”


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

  • Introduction and Inspiration
  • Cryoablation Basics
  • Patient-Centered Approach
  • Success Rates and Studies
  • Safety and Concerns
  • Empowerment and Decision-Making