Cryoablation – An Alternative to Surgery?

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Dr. V. Recommends | Jul, 25 2023

Cryoablation – An Alternative to Surgery?

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Please note: This blog intends to provide you with ideas and options. Please do not try cryoablation or anything new before talking it over with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach.

DId you know that there is an effective treatment for many various types of cancer and breast cancer tumors that do NOT require major surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation—and works rather quickly? At the same time, this treatment boosts your immune system’s ability to attack the cancer.  

Cryoablation is a painless outpatient treatment that takes about 90 minutes. It “deep freezes” tumors (literally, -13 degrees F below zero), killing breast cancer cells on the spot. Here’s a 2021 study, and this article will detail the main things you should know. Presently, this therapy is very effective at destroying breast cancers measuring 2 cm or smaller.

Early Detection

Essential #7 is to Adopt Very Early Detection. The sooner you find the cancer, the shorter and less complex your healing journey might be. Right now, cryoablation can do wonders for tumors 2cm and smaller. With a new spread of safe, noninvasive, and accurate tests, very early detection is possible. The Cancer Profile©, Galleri® Test, and thermography are a few options that can detect cancer years in advance—and far sooner than a mammogram. 

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What Is Cryoablation?

Cryoablation is a simple outpatient procedure that uses liquid nitrogen to deep freeze and destroy cancer tumor cells. Depending on what you need, it can be done topically (on the surface of your skin), percutaneously (inside your body via a small puncture), and surgically.

The process is simple and effective:

  • You will receive local anesthesia to numb the area.
  • Your doctor then uses ultrasound imaging to identify the tumor.
  • Once identified, your doctor will insert a very thin, needle-like instrument (cryoprobe) directly into the tumor.
  • The device releases liquid nitrogen gas inside the tumor to freeze it.
  • The process will be repeated as often as needed until enough blood flow is interrupted to cause cancer apoptosis (cell death).
  • You can watch the ice ball form around the tumor and freeze it from the inside out on the ultrasound screen. 
  • The full process usually lasts between 60-90 minutes.
  • Your doctor will place a Band-Aid over the tiny incision, and you will then get up and go home. 
  • To learn more details, please review this article by the MD Anderson Center.

The MD Anderson Center recently did a trial on the effectiveness of cryoablation for breast cancer patients and found these thrilling results: At all 19 cancer centers, cryoablation killed 92% of cancers (no remaining cancer was found), and 100% of tumors were killed! These are promising results, and doctors are hopeful that this therapy can work on more advanced stages of cancer in the future.

It’s also exciting that Medicare is covering cryoablation, with other providers expected to follow suit. Additionally, several surgeons around the country (and the world) are offering self-pay and will courtesy bill insurance in some cases. Many medical providers are combining cryoablation with other integrative treatments, such as Dr. Hania Bednarski. For a FREE copy of Dr. Bednarksi’s book, Freeze Breast Cancer, use THIS LINK.  

Dr. Hania Bednarski, DO, FACOS

If you are considering cryoablation and other integrative medicine treatments and can get to South Carolina, I highly suggest working with Dr. Bednarski. As an oncoplastic breast surgeon, integrative medicine doctor, and leader in cryoablation—she is your one-stop shop, and by the beach! Please take a moment to learn about her practice, and stay tuned for her podcast episode going live very soon!


Some doctors believe that cryoablation may be even more effective if combined with other treatments that target the immune response. Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that boosts the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer. It can use substances made by the body and/or in a laboratory to improve or restore your immune system’s ability to fight off cancer cells. This 2021 study (on laboratory animals) suggests “cell disruption caused by cryoablation may increase the expression and immunogenicity of tumor neoantigens, which could enhance the ability of the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells at both local and distant sites.”

Rosa Hwang, M.D., associate professor of Breast Surgical Oncology and principal investigator of MD Anderson’s trial site, confirms this by stating: “We think that cryoablation causes tumor cells to burst and release their cancer genetic material into the body. The patient’s immune system ramps up to attack this flood of cancer.” Researchers also believe that your immune system will remember the cancer cells; it will annihilate any cancer that attempts to recur.” Our bodies are magnificent, and with a little help from science and medical technology, they can do remarkable things—like easily destroying cancer in a safe and effective way!

Living The 7 Essentials System®

Cryoblation and immunotherapy are not miracle treatments that solve all without any work on your end. What you put in and on your body makes a huge difference. If you stuff yourself with toxic, processed, and damaging foods, your immune system will be so weak that the treatment will not work. The same goes for living with chronic stress, emotional wounds, and toxic products. This is exactly why I created 7 Essentials System®. Just as no one thing developed the cancer—no one treatment will heal it. Dive into the 7 Essentials System® details, research, and practical tips via my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally.

Dendritic Cell Therapy

Dendritic Cell Therapy (DCT) is another immunotherapy that helps your immune system recognize and destroy cancer cells. It uses your blood cells and only targets the cancer cells—not your healthy ones. The therapy consists of a small withdrawal of blood that gets strategically processed and then put back into your body. Since you will be using your own cells, DCT treatments are never rejected. Side effects are almost non-existent! Similar to cryoablation, it is safe, noninvasive, and effective for early-stage breast cancer cases.

As always, I am here to provide you with ideas and options to ask your personal doctor about. Do not try anything new before talking with your medical team and Breast Cancer Conqueror Coach. To learn more about DCT, please review this blog post.