Rewrite Your Fears About Cancer

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| Jul, 03 2023

Rewrite Your Fears About Cancer

Elizabeth Bennedict Podcast

Can you rewrite your fears about Cancer?

A committed hypochondriac, or was my nervous system rewired after a traumatic event during my tender teenage years? Is there a cancer personality? How do doctors’ own fears influence their comments to patients? Is there a gendered response to illness? 

Elizabeth Benedict, a bestselling novelist, journalist, creative writing professor, editor, writing coach—and cancer thriver—tries to answer these questions by sharing her story.

Her story may be part of your journey—making excuses not to see a doctor, firing your doctor to find a better one, trying to find a realistic wig…and then dealing with the global Covid-19 shutdown. This podcast episode is hilarious, relatable, and, most of all—real. 

To dive deeper into Elizabeth’s inner thoughts and journalism, check out her book, Rewriting Illness, and website.


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

The hesitation to join a support group

Finding support from friends: Instead of a formal support group

A committed hypochondriac

Challenges in the diagnosis

Finding a supportive doctor

Importance of Community