The Cancer Personality: The Traits & How to Change Your Future

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Essential #4: Heal the Emotional Hurts | Feb, 22 2022

The Cancer Personality: The Traits & How to Change Your Future

cancer personality

Emotional triggers could initiate the development of cancer in your body. For this and many reasons, I designated Essential #4 of my 7 Essentials System® to be: Heal Your Emotional Wounds. Have you ever felt stressed out about something and noticed that your neck muscles or jaw felt really tight? That is an example of your “e-motions” or “energy in motion” getting stuck. Your emotional and mental health is directly connected to your immune system and physical health. Your DNA also  contracts and relaxes in response to your moods and thoughts.

Healing emotional wounds could be doing the brave work of healing your inner child, focusing on calming adrenal fatigue, or just finding practical ways to manage stress.

What is the cancer personality?

After 30 years of working with cancer patients, Dr. W. Douglas Brodie, M.D., observed certain personality traits his patients had in common. As you read over these traits, honestly ask yourself if any of them apply to you. If some resonate with you, that’s great! Be thankful for discovering or perhaps affirming some of the emotional triggers that may have led you down this path. Once you understand what led you to a place or a health challenge, the better equipped you are for true healing. 

Cancer personality traits:

  • Being highly conscientious, caring, dutiful, responsible, hard-working, and usually of above-average intelligence.
  • Exhibits a strong tendency toward caring for other people’s burdens and toward taking on extra obligations, and often “worrying for others.”
  • Often lacking closeness with one of both parents, which sometimes, later in life, results in a lack of closeness with a spouse or others who would normally be close.
  • Harbors long-suppressed toxic emotions, such as anger, resentment, and/or hostility. The cancer-susceptible individual typically internalizes such emotions and has great difficulty expressing them.
  • Reacts adversely to stress and often becomes unable to cope adequately with such stress. Usually experiences an especially damaging event about two years before the onset of detectable cancer.

Do you have a cancer personality? 

Take a deep, body and mind connecting breath. Re-read the list. Do any of these traits resonate with you? ? If they do—this is a good thing because now you can learn and redirect your course. Your past doesn’t have to be your future.

Just pick one trait that really you can absolutely relate to. Be brutally honest with yourself. Then take the time to really understand where that trait comes from. Does it relate to your childhood? Can a change in this trait positively impact your life? 

Another aspect of healing is to understand that your lifestyle absolutely affects your health and outcome on this journey. 

Epigenetics is the study of how your lifestyle, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, as well as your environment, can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. How you sleep, eat, manage stress, exercise, and enjoy life, all play a massive role in preventing and healing from dis-eases, including breast cancer. 

 Learn more about how epigenetics influence breast cancer here.

What can you do about these traits? 

cancer personality

All of us at team Breast Cancer Conqueror are here to support you in making positive and healthy changes for your mind and body. If strong memories, emotions, and words are currently rising and you would like to talk with someone who understands, please reach out via our Caring Assistant Form (scroll down on the website), and a live person will respond shortly.

The Survive & Thrive: Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine virtual program is packed with world-class Western and Eastern breast cancer doctors and experts to help you truly heal cancer personality traits. The program will help you curate a personalized healing plan and set you on a path to lifelong vibrant health!

Cancer personality healing techniques

There are several techniques that can support you in this process of releasing these traits. Here are a few:

  • EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping is based on the stimulation of acupuncture meridians. Tapping can calm the nervous system and even lessen the effects of trauma, eventually turning thoughts and behaviors around in a  positive way. Get started by tapping certain points between the top of the head and chest while visualizing and verbalizing the cause of your stress. Please learn more about EFT/Tapping here.
  • EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) sessions are led by psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. The process is simple. The practitioner speaks with the client about past events that led to trauma. At the same time, they expose the client to “external stimuli,” eye-related stimuli that produce lateral eye movements. This eye movement helps to re-wire the brain. Please learn more about EMDR and trauma here.
  • Cognitive Therapy: According to the Cognitive Behavior Therapy Clinic in LA, “Cognitive therapy is based on the premise that although our problems may have started in the past, they are being maintained by things in the present. Consequently, the most effective way of treating problems is by targeting the present.” There are more than 300 studies that validate this method of emotional healing. 
  • Journaling: Swiss writer, WM Digglemann, writes that “stories are weapons against disease.” Journaling is a proven modality for healing. When you journal, you are creating a real-time written account of the unique events, emotions, ponderings, discoveries, joys, and sorrows that you experience as you progress through your life every day. You can also doodle or collage your thoughts and emotions down. No, art classes are required—this is your creative space for healing!
  • Community: The famous phrase, “It takes a village,” is especially true for all women on a healing journey. It is essential to find other women whom you can vent, encourage, support, connect love, and have “real talk” because they are on a similar journey. Try “Duck Duck Go” and research cancer support groups, breast cancer meditation classes, and other groups in your area. Visit our Facebook Page and Instagram Page to keep up with the latest insights on healing breast cancer naturally. 

Lastly, our coaches are trained and certified in the 7 Essentials System®. They will help you create a defined plan of action to move you forward. Working with them can also help you turn “cancer personality traits” into cancer-preventing and healing lifestyle choices.

Be your own P.I.

Yes, it is time for personal investigation and education. is the perfect place to start your quest.

Take us with you on your drives! On The Wellness Warrior Podcast, I get the honor of inviting you to hear interviews with world-class doctors, researchers, holistic health experts, cancer conquerors, and any other person that could help you with your healing journey. Make sure to check out my latest episode with Vera Ventura on how she used a combo of conventional, natural, and herbal approaches to healing breast cancer. 

You are also in the right place reading this blog. Every week, I share a new article that provides insight, research, and practical actions to heal breast cancer and live a healthier life. Some recent blogs focused on emotional healing and managing toxic stress are Healing Your Inner Child and Meditation Tips & Techniques.

Together, we can achieve more than we ever thought was possible! We are in your corner and here to support you—just as you are right now.