The Wildatarian Diet with Teri Cochrane

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| Jan, 14 2019

The Wildatarian Diet with Teri Cochrane

Teri Cochrane is an integrative practitioner and an international thought leader in functional epigenetic nutrition.  She has written an amazing book called, The Wildatarian Diet, Living as Nature Intended.  Wildatarian, a word founded by Teri, is defined as eating sustainably grown and can be a diet for everyone.

Teri shares how even foods that are thought to be healthy can have devastatingly destructive effects on the body and how eating a Wildatarian type diet can be of benefit.  Stay tuned until the end to find out how you can take her Quiz and then get some Wildatarian recipes which are free to our listeners. 


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Here are some highlights from this Podcast:

(2:03) – Teri’s story

(6:45) – What is a Wildatarian Diet

(7:52) – Why some healthy foods could be hurting us

(9:55) – Why Sulfur could be a trigger

(13:41) – What is a Sulfur-rich diet?

(17:19) – Why Pasture Raised may not be good enough

(20:22) – How to switch to a Wildatarian diet

(26:00)- How thoughts create

(28:35) – Free recipe guide gift