Comprehensive Plus Hormone Profile; saliva

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| Apr, 10 2024

Comprehensive Plus Hormone Profile; saliva


The Comprehensive Plus Profile expands on the Comprehensive Profile and includes estrone (E1), estriol (E3), and the Estrogen Quotient (EQ). Henry Lemon MD developed the Estrogen Quotient, a simple ratio of the cancer protective E3 relative to the proliferative estrogens E1 and E2, to assess breast cancer risk. A lower number (<1.0) indicates increased risk, and a higher number (>1.0) signifies lower risk. Dr. Lemon stated that for maximum protection, an optimal EQ is >1.5. This information may be extrapolated to provide information on other estrogen driven disorders. Because the research on the EQ focused on women, no reference range has been established for males, however some health care providers appreciate the information the additional estrogens provide in relation to prostate health.


Useful for:

  • Research indicates this profile could be considered for those with increased risk of developing breast cancer, or history of breast cancer or other hormonally sensitive cancers
  • Personal or family history of autoimmune disease
  • PCOS

Turnaround Time

3 to 5 days

Note: Turnaround times on results are an estimate and are not guaranteed. The lab may need additional time due to holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, etc. You can contact us to discuss when your results should be ready.

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