ONKOTEA® Wellness 20 Count Tin

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| Apr, 27 2021

ONKOTEA® Wellness 20 Count Tin


Mirko Beljanski, PhD shared the same passion that drives the fearless explorer, the patient archaeologist and the innovative inventor: the passion for discovery. At the Pasteur Institute, where he specialized in the field of cellular biology and cancerogenesis, he pursued his lifelong dream of bringing Nature and Science together to improve the health and well-being of people. At the end of a prolific research project in China, Dr. Beljanski was presented with a large box filled with many of China’s finest teas known for their interesting health properties.

Dr. Beljanski subjected each sample to a special test to reveal their ability to naturally support the body’s immune system. He recorded the positive results and filed them. Years later, after Dr. Beljanski’s passing we discovered his list. We searched for the organic source of each of those teas and created our proprietary blend for OnkoTea®. Now you can enjoy those aromatic and flavorful teas every day while also supporting your body’s defense system.


Onkotea Wellness: Organic Dragonwell, Organic Gunpowder, Organic Bi Lou Chun, Organic Green Ceylon, Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Lemongrass

Wellness (Lemon Essence) 20 Count Tin