mycobiome cancer
The mycobiome cancer connection is game-changing research that is happening as I type this blog post. While this research is still emerging, it provides invaluable insight that may be instrumental in your healing journey. My goal for you is to have access to the leading research so that you can
Repair DNA Damage
Today, 1 out of 3 women could develop some form of cancer—if they do not take proactive and preventative measures. We live in a toxic and stressed-out world overflowing with processed food, chemicals, and electropollution that can cause DNA damage. However, you have control over your body, and you can
hair dyes and breast cancer
Your hair holds secrets, and not just if it is silver under your hair dye. This is why Hair Mineral Analysis Tests can reveal and explain the causes of many health symptoms and diseases (learn more via this blog). It also isn’t something that should be brushed off and mindlessly
Body weight (loss and gain) is often a traumatic and emotionally charged topic to discuss. Long before your diagnosis, you probably felt societal pressures to be a certain weight and fit a specific mold. Right now, please pause, give yourself an enormous heart hug, and take a cleansing breath. Exhale

How To Survive and Thrive

Conqueroring Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine.

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