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Heal The Heart
Dr. Lise Janelle is a renowned inner game coach, professional speaker author, educator, and founder of the Centre for Heart Living. She helps her clients align their subconscious minds with their heart-driven goals so they can more quickly live happy, grateful lives filled with love, inspiration, and success. With a
Dr. Uma Naidoo is a Harvard trained psychiatrist, Professional Chef, and Nutrition Specialist. Her niche work is in Nutritional Psychiatry.  Additionally, she is regarded as a medical pioneer both nationally and internationally.  In her role as a Clinical Scientist, Dr. Naidoo founded and directs the first hospital-based clinical service in
Dr. Doni Wilson is a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and certified nutrition specialist. She believes it is possible to be healthy, even when we are stressed. Dr. Doni experienced severe migraines for 25 years and was determined to find a way to resolve them. In the process of solving
Aimee Carlson is a lifetime entrepreneur, best-selling author, and podcast host of The Toxin Terminator.  Aimee is helping people restore and renew their lives by removing hidden toxins from their homes and their lives. She has spent the last 7 years renewing her own health naturally.  After working in the