Dr. V's Podcast

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V, is the founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror® and the 7 Essentials System®, and co-founder of My Breast Friend™.  Her signature process has empowered thousands of women in over 43 countries around the world.  Dr. V’s signature book Heal Breast Cancer Naturally is
Lauren Neuburger was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 26 years old and this diagnosis was the catalyst for change for the rest of her life. She turned her pain into purpose and left a career in accounting and became a holistic nutritionist that specializes in breast cancer. Lauren
Kate Malvenan is a single mom living on the Gold Coast in Australia.  Kate was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal, lung cancer in October 2018.  With no hope from her local doctors, Kate flew to Mexico and sought aggressive alternative treatments with the Hope4CancerClinic in Cancun.  Today 90-95% of cancer
Natalie Jill left a very successful career in corporate America teaching doctors how to brand themselves and sales reps how to sell. She wanted to reach more and create more and by leveraging the power of the internet was able to help millions of people worldwide get in shape and