Dr. V's Podcast

Beljanski Podcast 2023
Sylvie Beljanski is a repeat speaker on the Wellness Warriors Podcast. Please listen to her first episode: Winning The War On Cancer. You can also purchase OnKobel-Pro®, a combination of Beljanski® plant extracts that support the growth of healthy cells. I also love her plastic and toxin-free organic teas: Tulsi
Nathan Crane Stem Cell Podcast
For years, I have warned women who are told they are “cancer-free” about breast cancer stem cells. These are the “baby cancer cells” responsible for the recurrence and spread of breast cancer.  This is why I sat down with Nathan Crane—a natural health researcher and certified holistic cancer coach. He
Dr Bednarski Podcast
Dr. Hania Bednarski at Serenity Surgery & Wellness is one of the few physicians in the United States who offers Truly Comprehensive Breast Care. One of her game-changing breast cancer healing tools takes surgery and chemo out of the equation for cancers measuring 2cm or less. It’s called Cryoablation—and it
Cheryl Spitzer Podcast
Looking for ways to boost the lymphatic system?  Breast oil may be the answer. Cheryl lovingly seeks out the underlying causes of health challenges which are often toxins and stress. She then heals your body with herbs and homeopathy. For breast cancer conquerors, Cheryl and her mom created Healthy Girls®