Dr. V's Podcast

Dr Flynn
Dr. Patrick Flynn, DC is the founder of The Wellness Way Clinics. In his youth, he experienced a series of events that led him to discover immune and neurological issues. This discovery prompted Dr. Flynn to begin his health journey, define his life purpose, and initiate the pursuit of his
Tara Bianca Podcast
Tara Bianca has been a holistic health practitioner for almost 20 years. She is the owner of BE Light Transformative Therapy, a now fully online holistic health company specializing in therapeutic bodywork, breathwork, mindset, and sound healing. Her primary focus these days is on educating and coaching people to change
Dr. Isaac Eliaz
When it comes to health Dr. Isaac Eliaz knows that the body’s survival protein is at the root of our most serious health concerns.  Dr. Isaac is a recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine, focusing on cancer and complex conditions. He is a respected clinician, researcher, author, educator,
Maggie & Brad Podcast
Maggie and Brad Jones prove why it’s so important to be your own best cancer advocate.  Maggie and Brad’s life changed when, a month after turning 40, Maggie was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a prognosis of less than a year.  One year after she was diagnosed, four months