Dr. V's Podcast

Suzette Simon Podcast
Today, Suzette Simons, who proudly wears the badge of Your Black Breast Friend, joins us for light laughs and serious insight into the challenges of women of color regarding breast cancer awareness and treatment. You will also acquire strategies to engage and empower Black women (and help any woman overcome
Dr Ellen Cutler Podcast
When chronic conditions perplex regular doctors, patients have found solutions via ECM—the Ellen Cutler Method and her book: Micro Miracles—Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes. This is because Dr. Cutler knows that it’s not only what you eat—but what you digest and absorb. This is why she uses organ-specific detoxification,
Dmitri Leonov podcast episode
Take the emotional and physical healing and pain-relieving powers of acupuncture and light therapy wherever you go with Taopatch!  Taopatch is a patented wearable nanotechnology device that captures heat from your body and converts it into light, emitting it into specific acupoints. This light stimulates your Central Nervous System and
Dr Michael Karlfeldt Podcast
Cancer is a continual riddle; no two cases will be identical. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all standard treatment plan may kill the tumor but won’t help an individual get well. It’s time to shift from survival mode to the living mode. In this episode, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, an ND, PhD, and board-certified