Category: Essential # 2: Eliminate Toxic Exposure

Blog | Jan, 08 2018

Never Fear Breast Cancer Again


How do you feel when you hear the words “You have Breast Cancer” ? More than likely, a wave of fear and dread comes over you. … Read More

Blog | Nov, 28 2017

Easy Ways to Keep Your Lymphatic System Moving


The lymphatic system is one of the major ways that the body has for eliminating toxins. Even if you have had lymph nodes removed, there … Read More

Blog | Oct, 30 2017

No More Guessing About “Other Ingredients”


Ever wonder what those “other ingredients” listed on your cleaning products were?  Well now, you will get to know and make an informed decision about … Read More

Blog | Oct, 16 2017

New NIH Study Proves Cellphone Dangers


A part of Breast Health Awareness Month is learning more about the “unseen dangers” of cellphone radiation. According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Electropollution may be … Read More

Blog | Jul, 31 2017

Why is Autophagy So Good For You?


The thought has probably not occurred to you: how I can my body repair itself by “eating” unhealthy and dying cells? I know its a … Read More

Blog | Jul, 18 2017

Life After Mastectomy Part 2: Three Options Besides Reconstructive Surgery


Last week I shared some pretty daunting news about the risks of reconstructive surgery for mastectomy, including the possible harms of both silicone and saline … Read More

Blog | Jul, 10 2017

Breast Reconstruction: Get the Facts Before You Decide


If you have had a mastectomy for breast cancer or are considering one, you may also be considering what to do afterwards.  As you explore … Read More

Blog | Jul, 03 2017

Are Insect Repellents that Contain DEET Safe?


In some parts of the country, this has been called “the year of the mosquito.” Wet spring weather and other factors have made the bugs … Read More