Category: Essential #3: Balance Your Energy

Blog | Nov, 13 2017

The Earth’s Magnetic Healing Power


  Did you know that the earth is one big magnet? It has north and south poles and emits Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields – or PEMF … Read More

Blog | Aug, 29 2017

S-t-r-e-t-c-h Yourself Towards Health!


It just makes sense: If you want to be healthy, you must MOVE YOUR BODY! Besides cardio workouts, however, there are other types of movement … Read More

Blog | Aug, 08 2017

The Relaxation Response: What It is and How to “Turn It On”

relaxation response_breastcancer

In honor of “National Relaxation Day” (yes, there really is such a thing), let’s take a look at an amazing phenomena called the Relaxation Response … Read More

Blog | Jun, 06 2017

How to Be a Surviving– and Thriving– Suzy!

How to Be a Surviving– and Thriving– Suzy! June 4 was “Cancer Survivor’s Day,” as celebrated by the National Cancer Institute and other mainstream organizations. … Read More

Blog | May, 30 2017

Heat Shock Proteins: Why a Little Stress May Actually Improve Your Health


The body is constantly seeking balance in order to maintain optimal functioning. A lot of times, the body’s systems will produce substances in response to … Read More

Blog | May, 15 2017

Vitamin D: An Absolute MUST for Breast Health


I have written a lot about vitamin D over the years —  and there is a very good reason for this. If there is one … Read More

Blog | Apr, 10 2017

The New Theory About Cancer – It’s a Metabolic Dis-ease


There is a growing body of evidence that points to the fact that cancer is a “metabolic disease.” You may have heard this statement before, … Read More

Blog | Apr, 03 2017

5 Ways the Earth Can Support Your Health

This month,  International Earth Day takes a look at how you can harness the amazing power of the Earth in subtle (and not so subtle) ways … Read More

Blog | Feb, 06 2017

Is Your Heart Health Connected to Your Breast Health? – Part 1


February is National Heart Month. When President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the first Heart Month in 1963, lifestyle-related disease rates were beginning to rise dramatically … Read More