Coconut Yogurt

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Portfolio | May, 28 2018

Coconut Yogurt

Coconut Yogurt

Traditional yogurt made from the fermented dairy of grass-fed cows is full of healthy probiotics and a great source of protein and vitamins.  Unfortunately, the yogurt you buy in stores is most likely made from cows that are confined, unable to graze on grass and are fed a diet of GMO grains. They most likely have added sugars, preservatives and fillers, making this no longer a healthy option.  However, coconut yogurt is dairy free and can be just as creamy and tangy as traditional yogurt.  Plus it has all of those good-for-your-gut probiotics. 

The hardest part of this recipe is shucking the coconut, but once you get the technique down it becomes much easier.  If shucking a coconut isn’t for you, you can buy coconut meat in the freezer section of a health food store or purchase them online.  Make sure you look for Organic Young Thai Coconut Meat.  This option can get pretty pricey though, which is why I usually opt for the fresh coconuts.

I hope you enjoy this recipe.  Bon Appetit!

Coconut Yogurt

Makes 4 Servings


2 Organic Young Thai Coconut

Coconut Water or Filtered Water

1-2 Probiotic Capsules (I like to use my Bifido Blend capsules)


Shave off the white husk at the pointy top of a fresh young Thai coconut

Once the husk is removed the brown shell will be visible and you will see three ridges

Using the back of the knife hit into the shell along these ridges creating a circle around the top so that you crack into it

Once a crack has formed, use your knife to pry open the shell and be left with an open hole at the top

Pour out the coconut water and put aside to use in blending

Use the back of your spoon to remove all of the coconut meat.  Using the back of a spoon makes it much easier to remove. 

Make sure no particles of the outside shell are on the meat.  The meat should be clean and white.

Put the coconut meat in a blender or a Vitamix.  Slowly pour in the coconut water until you get the creamy consistency that you are happy with.  

Pour the blended coconut into a glass or ceramic bowl.  Do not use any metal from this point forward. 

Open up the probiotic capsules and empty into the mixture (depending on how much meat is in each coconut you may need 1 or 2 capsules).  Stir in the probiotic using a wooden or silicone spoon.  

Cover the mixture with a cheesecloth and store in a cool/dark place for 24-48 hours.  The longer it sits, the tangier it will become.  Yum!


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