Edamame Egg Protein Bowl

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Main Courses | Sep, 27 2016

Edamame Egg Protein Bowl


Do you know you are going to have a whirlwind of a day? Do you need something that is really going to sustain you for a while? Check this out! Edamame soybeans, quinoa, and two poached eggs take care of the protein. Cukes and carrots add some roughage. Avocado gives you healthy fat. Black beans provide not only oodles of protein but magnesium and other vital minerals. Add some nori strips on top for needed iodine and you have an excellent all-in-one meal that will keep you going for hours.  I love eating a variation of this basic power-packed “bowl” for breakfast or early lunch on days when I am at home (so I have the means to prepare it) but I know it may be a while before I can sit down for a meal again that day.

Organic edamame is loaded with potassium and is high in protein too.
Organic edamame is loaded with potassium and is high in protein too.

If you are in an extra rush and just need the protein, skip the nori, sushi seasoning, sesame seeds, carrots and cukes. Also feel free to change this basic dish up a bit to meet your needs. Add extra veggies like steamed snap peas and/or yellow squash. Add a touch of organic, extra virgin olive oil for more cancer-healing fat. Substitute the tamari for balsamic vinegar if the taste of soy sauce is not your thing.

Most of all, have fun with this yummy and versatile dish!


INGREDIENTS (to make one hearty single-serve bowl)

1 cup cooked and cooled quinoa (you can make it before hand and keep it in the frig if you want)

1 tbsp. low-sodium, gluten free organic tamari (i.e. soy sauce)

1 tbsp. sushi seasoning (optional)

4 oz. fresh or frozen organic edamame

4 oz. black beans (about ½ BPA-free can)

1/8 cup carrot, shredded

1/8 cup cucumber, skinned and diced

2 green onions, chopped

2 poached organic, free-range eggs

½ avocado

½ nori sheet, cut into strips

1 teaspoon sesame seeds



  • Cook the quinoa and set it in the frig to cool a little (you can also make this beforehand).
  • Steam the edamame until just tender (the color will change to bright green).
  • Warm up the beans slightly.
  • Mix the tamari, sushi seasoning, diced cukes, shredded carrots, chopped green onions, beans and edamame together in the bowl you are going to eat it all in.
  • Poach two eggs.
  • In that same bowl, top the quinoa mixture first with avocado. Then add the poached eggs and the nori strips. Finally, sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  • Turn off the phone and the TV. Then find a quiet place to sit and enjoy this easy but protein-rich meal for a few minutes before beginning your power-packed day!