Potato Style Roasted Radishes

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Portfolio | May, 01 2021

Potato Style Roasted Radishes

Potato Roasted Radishes

This simple recipe has so much to offer with just a few ingredients! Roasted radishes pair well with free-range eggs, salads, or just as is as a side dish! Radishes are a good source of potassium, flavonoids (an antioxidant), vitamin C, fiber, and zinc. They also have anti-fungal properties and are great for cleansing the liver.


3 cups Radishes, rinsed, sliced in half, or leave if small.

2 tbsp avocado oil or coconut oil, melted

½-1 tsp garlic powder

3 tbsp garlic minced

Himalayan sea salt and pepper to taste


In a medium-size bowl place, all the ingredients and use a spoon or your hands to mix well. On your safe baking sheet cover with parchment paper. Place the Radish mix on a baking sheet and bake at 400 for about 15-20 minutes. You don’t want to over-bake as the texture changes like mush brussels sprouts.