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| Nov, 29 2019


I would like to thank you for all of the direction, encouragement, and love that you have shown. I live on an island and the medical care has been hostile to any natural or integrative approach for breast cancer or any cancer. That resistance has been a huge discouragement to me and I have always been determined and positive after talking to you.

I have had five and a half years of feeling well, which made it possible for being a major care giver in my husband’s long-term illness. If I had done chemo for my stage 3 cancer, 28mm tumour I would not have managed the situation at home. Of course, I have read and use as a guide The Seven Essentials System in Dr V’s book.

Overcoming fear because of the lack of medical help on the island, was a big factor for me. I cannot thank Dr V and the staff at BCC.