Plant Stem Cell Therapy May Slow Down Your Aging Process

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Blog | Jun, 26 2018

Plant Stem Cell Therapy May Slow Down Your Aging Process


Senescence is the biological breakdown that happens as all living things age. On a cellular level, it is the loss of the cell’s power to divide and grow. Senescence is one of the natural processes of life. However, within this toxic, stressful world, aging often happens prematurely and with unneeded suffering. It doesn’t have to be this way. Embryonic Plant Extracts (EPEs) are a ground-breaking plant stem cell technology discovered by one of the most visionary health pioneers of our time. They may slow down the progression of age-related senescence and support recovery from dis-eases like Breast Cancer.

Why Stem Cells are Unique

Before we dive in to exactly what “Embryonic Plant Extracts” (EPEs) are, let’s take a look at the importance of stem cells in general. I have written extensively on the need to eradicate the wayward reproduction of harmful cancer stem cells as the only way to truly heal from Breast Cancer. This can be done by using specific substances such as sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts. Healthy stem cells, however, are amazing “blank slate” biological substances that carry with them unique opportunities for healing. According to health researcher and phytonutrient pioneer Dominique Richard, all stem cells (whether they reside in plants or humans), have three unique characteristics:

#1 They all have the capacity to divide and renew themselves for long periods of time;

#2 They are all unspecialized initially;

#3 They all eventually form into and give rise to specific types of cells.

Embryonic Plant Stem Cells

Embryonic plant extract therapy uses the power of embryonic plant stem cells to reverse aging in very specific ways:

#1 Extends the “Hayflick Limit” and Repairs Telomeres.

The Hayflick Limit is the number of times a normal human cell can divide before it ceases to exist. For example, skin cells divide about 60 times before they eventually perish. Telomeres are tiny bits of DNA that reside at the end of every chromosome. They are there to protect genetic information. Each time cell division occurs, the telomeres of that original cell become smaller and there is more likelihood that DNA damage can occur. EPEs not only have the ability to extend the dividing life of the cell, they also selectively increase healthy telomere length.

#2 Encourages autophagy.

Autophagy is literally cellular self-eating. This may sound like destructive behavior, but in fact it is a vital

Embryonic Plant Extracts look like a typical natural tincture of homeopathy solution. Photo Credit.

part of the healthy cell cycle. When a cell is undergoing autophagy, damaged cells and unused proteins are “consumed.” The rate of autophagy slows down as one ages. As a result, Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and oxidative stress increases, affecting the brain and the immune system and paving the way for chronic disease.

EPEs encourage healthy cellular autophagy, reduce inflammation and help your body get out of the

cycle of premature aging.  EPEs derived from the phytonutrients epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), kaempferol, quercetin glycoside, resveratrol and polyamine spermidine can all contribute to increased autophagy.  

#3 Introducing anti-inflammatory phytohormones.

The plant-based phytonutrients mentioned above also encourage a reduction in inflammatory processes in the body. These anti-inflammatory properties are enhanced when plants are in juvenile form. For example, embryonic plant extracts contain higher amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids than older, more mature plants, which tend to contain more pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids.

#4 Chelating toxic heavy metals.

EPEs can also play a part in flushing heavy metals from the body while at the same time leaving healthy minerals that are essential to the body untouched. They have also been shown to help detox xenobiotics and xenoestrogens from the body. As you probably already know, this is a very good thing if you are on a Healthy Breath path!

Embryonic Plant Extracts are Part of the New Field of Regenerative Medicine

“Where would we be without plants? They are the most important, the least understood, and the most taken-for-granted of all living matter in the world,” states Dominique Richard. “Phytochemicals may not be considered essential for nutrition. However, they are essential for the many medicinal biological activities they provide in human health benefits. For humans, plants are indeed ‘bio essential’ for our own survival, well-being, and longevity.”

Through living a more gentle, non-toxic, Healthy Breast lifestyle and utilizing key healing modalities like EPEs, you really may slow down premature aging and create vibrant health. EPEs are remarkable in the way they encourage the body to self-correct itself at the cellular level. Therapies that use stem cells to regrow new tissue are part of the vast, new field of “regenerative medicine.” Within this field, the use plant stem cells to help the human body are truly on the cutting edge and represents part of the future of regenerative medicine.   


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