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Blog | Apr, 17 2018

What Is HER2 Positive Breast Cancer?


You may have heard about Breast Cancer that is “HER2 Positive.” Or you may have been recently diagnosed with this kind of Breast Cancer yourself. … Read More

Blog | Apr, 09 2018

Are Plant Seed Oils Safer Than Fish Oils?

I am a big fan of healthy fats. If you have been on a Healthy Breast journey for a while, you probably are too. Some … Read More

Blog | Apr, 03 2018

The Real Deal About Sugar Alcohols Like Xylitol


If you are healing from cancer, you probably know that you need to avoid sugar. If you don’t know, check out this blog to find … Read More

Blog | Mar, 26 2018

The Hidden Dangers of Folic Acid vs. Folate


The words “folate” and “folic acid” are sometimes used interchangeably and this can be a costly mistake when it comes to your health. These two … Read More

Blog | Mar, 20 2018

The Hidden Dangers of Perchlorate on Your Thyroid


Perchlorate (sometimes referred to as Perchlorate 7) is a hidden danger that has been rising to the surface over the last decade. Perchlorate affects the … Read More