7 Breast Cancer Triggers You Must Avoid

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Blog | Jun, 03 2019

7 Breast Cancer Triggers You Must Avoid


As many of you know, I conquered Breast Cancer not once, but twice!  Each experience helped me dive deeper into my own journey and Breast Cancer in general.  In my second edition of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally, I reveal details about my journeys and what I discovered along the way. One of my biggest take-aways from my second journey was to learn how to nurture and take care of myself and to carve out the time for myself. 

Coaching women all over the globe has taught me so much about breast cancer and its root causes. I found there was a common thread  and  specific “triggers”  that seem to affect the development of cancer.  Here are the top 7 Cancer Triggers you must learn to avoid. 

#1 The “SAD” Diet

S.A.D. stands for the Standard American Diet. It typically consists of processed and preservative-ridden foods and very little whole food such as fresh greens and a variety of vegetables. The “Standard Diet” is a disease-causing diet to be sure, yet it is the majority of what you will find on the supermarket shelves. Preventing and healing cancer (or any disease) means learning how to eat for healing and vibrancy. Here’s a tip: the first step is to cut the sugar because cancer cells thrive on sugar.

#2 Environmental Toxins

Did you know that the average woman is exposed to 127 chemicals each and every day, and that’s just from common body

care products like commercial sunscreen? Add to this the chemicals in commercial foods, byproducts and fluoride in tap water, pollutants in the air and dangerously high EMFs, and you have a recipe for toxic overload. that stresses your DNA.

#3 Physical and Hormonal Stress 

Introducing the Second Edition of Heal Breast Cancer Naturally! A story of hope and healing.

We are one billionth physical matter and the rest is ALL energy!  Our nervous system is the command center that controls every function in the body through flows along electrical pathways. When stress of any kind occurs, these pathways become blocked. Long term, or chronic, stress can lead to inflammation, hormonal imbalance and Breast Cancer.  Lack of restful sleep and proper exercise will also cause imbalances in your energy.

#4 Emotional Wounds

One of the biggest stressors are emotional wounds, including PTSD, that are left unhealed. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough in the understanding between the emotions and cancer occurred through the work of Dr. C.W. Brodie. During the course of 30 years working with patients, he realized that those who had cancer had certain traits in common. Many of them had to do with patterns of repressed emotions, chronic stress and lack of self-care. Most cancer patients he saw also had unresolved traumas from childhood. Healing our emotional wounds isn’t always easy, but it is absolutely necessary if we are to truly heal.

#5 Dental Toxins

It may come as a surprise that what goes on in your mouth can affect your cancer risk. The evidence is overwhelming that this is the case. Heavy metals, especially mercury from amalgams, can weaken your immune system and cause DNA damage. Another trigger is root canals. One study found that in the vast majority of women with Breast Cancer had  tumors located on the same side of their body as a root canal.

#6  Inflammation and Lack of Methylation

Dozens of studies have proven the link between chronic inflammation and the development of Breast Cancer. This includes the link between inflammation and the production of Breast Cancer stem cells. Breast Cancer Stem Cells are responsible for the recurrence and spread of the cancer. 

The connection between methylation imbalances and cancer is a little tougher to understand. In a nutshell, methylation is a rather complex yet common chemical and biological process required for the conversion of one substance to another. One example of methylation is the conversion of aggressive forms of estrogen to less aggressive forms. Studies have shown that improper or slow methylation can raise the risk of certain kinds of Breast Cancer.

#7  Medically Induced Triggers

Believe it or not, the very tools that the conventional medical establishment uses to treat cancer can often be the cause of it. Chemotherapy improves a person’s chances of survival by only about 2%, yet studies have found that radiation and chemotherapy can actually raise the malignancy rate of cancer cells. At the same time, the common Breast Cancer drug Tamoxifen has been shown to double, and sometimes quadruple, the risk of endometrial cancer within six years. CT scans, X rays, radiation therapy, mammograms, biopsies and some kinds of surgery may also raise your risk of cancer.

Here’s What You Can DO About It! 

The  list of cancer triggers may feel a little daunting  at first.  I am sharing it with you, however, because you first have to understand the cause before you can work on the solution.

The first step on any Healthy Breast journey is to educate yourself. If you are looking for support and a better understanding of what ti takes to create vibrant health, enjoy a copy of the second edition of my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer.

This Second Edition is a much more personal and heart-based book that is backed by research. I play the role of coach and cheerleader as we walk through each of The 7 Essentials.   I also bare my soul and open up my kimono, so to speak, as I share intimate details about my second healing journey. 

The first edition has become a go-to resource for thousands of women around the globe. I am confident that the second edition will be even more valuable.

My sincere intention in writing this Second Edition was to inspire you so that you never have to fear Breast Cancer again!  


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr. V”) is the founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror.com and The 7 Essentials System ™. This step-by-step guide empowers you with knowledge so you Never Have to Fear Breast Cancer Again! To watch a FREE webinar about the 7 steps for beating breast cancer naturally, Click Here