Artemisinin’s Anticancer Activities

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Essential #6: Repair with Therapeutic Plants | Jun, 19 2023

Artemisinin’s Anticancer Activities


artemisinin benefits

Please note: Artemisinin has been part of Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. However, while clinical research and human trials are limited, the reports to date are promising. Please do not take artemisinin without speaking with your doctor and coach because it should not be combined with certain medications.

No longer are your options only limited to conventional Western Medicine (such as chemo) or taking a strict herbal route. Researchers and medical professionals are now bridging all aspects of medicine and natural healing. They are combining the best of everything, and I am all for it. I spent the last 11 years studying an integrative approach to healing breast cancer and have met world-class experts along the way. Together, we created the Survive & Thrive Online Program that strategically integrates conventional treatments and natural medicine. It will give you clarity and a plan on paper that will turn your fears into confidence!

Artemisinin piqued my interest when it tested positive for me against my Circulating Tumor Cells based on the RGCC test.

In other words, it showed powerful anti-cancer properties against my unhealthy cells. 

One incredible plant that heals and works well with conventional treatments is artemisinin. It is a plant that has been healing people in China for thousands of years and is on its way to becoming a major player across the globe. Its current claim to fame is treating and preventing malaria, but viral infections and cancer are entering the spotlight. You can take a look at Artemisinin in the Breast Cancer Conqueror Store. Please talk to your private coach and medical team to see if artemisinin should be part of your healing plan. 

A Quick History of Artemisinin

Nature never ceases to amaze us with its incredible ability to provide healing solutions. Artemisinin is derived from a Chinese medicinal plant, Artemisia annua—a fern-like plant with yellow flowers. Artemisia annua is grown in Asia, India, and Central and Eastern Europe. It can also be found in temperate regions of America, Australia, Africa, and tropical regions.

The Incredible Tu Youyou

Artemisinin’s story began in 400 A.D. when Chinese Medicine practitioners discovered it could help people heal from fevers and other ailments. In 1972, a massive breakthrough occurred when Chinese scientist Tu Youyou, inspired by ancient texts, successfully extracted a compound from Artemisia annua, which she named Artemisinin. Her discovery earned her the Nobel Prize in 2015 for finding a cure for chloroquine-resistant malaria and saving countless lives. She left her two little children at home for three years and lived on a tropical island devastated by malaria. Without a doctorate, medical degree, or training abroad, she sacrificed everything to conduct research. Empowered by her Traditional Chinese Medicine education and inner determination and brilliance, she found a new way to prevent and treat malaria that has cured more than 200 Million people! You can learn all about Tu’s incredible story here.

The Lasker Foundation, which awarded Tu its Clinical Medical Research Award in 2011, called the discovery of artemisinin “arguably the most important pharmaceutical intervention in the last half-century.” At that time, they didn’t even know about Artemisinin’s other incredible benefits for major health issues such as cancer and other viral infections!

Other Names and Details

Artemisia annua has several other names, including qinghaosu, qing hao, sweet wormwood, sweet Annie, sweet sagewort, and annual wormwood. Taking artemisia by capsule instead of eating the plant is hundreds of times more effective because a good quality plant only contains 0.3-0.5% artemisinin. 

artemisinin anticancer benefits

Artemisinin’s Anticancer Activities

It’s exciting to think about all of the medical breakthroughs on the cusp of being discovered! While there’s still a long way to go regarding human trials and clinical studies regarding artemisinin’s powerful impacts on cancer treatments and prevention, there are things we do know now. You can also have artemisinin quickly delivered to your doorstep via Breast Cancer Conqueror Store.

Only Attacks Specific Cancer Cells

Iron can help cancer cells divide and multiply. However, iron activates artemisinin, creating cancer-killing free radicals that only attack cancer cells and leave healthy cells untouched. It could also cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Learn more in this study.

Another study (conducted on rats) found that “most available chemotherapies are very toxic, destroying one normal cell for 5-10 cancer cells killed.”

However, a compound based on artemisinin kills 1 healthy cell for every 12,000 cancer cells!

In their study, researchers bound artemisinin to cancer transferrin, a cancer-killing compound. “This combination “fools” cancer cells into treating the transferrin as a harmless protein. Results showed that leukemia cells were destroyed, and white blood cells were left unharmed.” The researchers concluded it could do the same for human breast cancer cells. Learn more about this exciting study by the University of Washington

Reduces Cancer Cell Growth With Oxygen Artemisinin bottle

Another University of Washington study discovered that combining high levels of oxygen (3.5 times what you normally breathe) with artemisinin reduced human leukemia cancer cell growth by 38%, a 50% increase compared to artemisinin alone.

Filled With Anticancer Flavonoids 

Flavonoids are phytochemical compounds in many plants, fruits, vegetables, and leaves that provide anticancer, antioxidant, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory benefits. My blog is filled with articles and recipes on flavonoids. Brocco Power is another powerful way to easily consume cancer-killing flavonoids. You can also learn more about these anticancer agents via this 2020 study.

Partners Well With Standard Chemotherapies 

Flavonoids from Artemisia annua can make treatments such as chemo more effective and may reverse drug resistance cancer cells. They have also “exhibited good tolerance and few side effects when used in combination with standard chemotherapies to enhance the anticancer effects.

So far, studies have shown that pancreatic, breast, colon, and prostate cancers can benefit from a combo of chemo and artemisia annua. Dive into this study and this study to learn more.

You Are In Charge Of Your Healing!

I and everyone in the Breast Cancer Conqueror community are here to help in whatever way we can. In addition to your medical team, you can work with a private coach, read blogs on the latest research, listen to world-class healers on the podcast, cook delicious and cancer-fighting meals, and attend online courses that will give you a plan. We all believe in you and are happy to answer any questions. Never fear cancer again!