Why Broccoli Sprouts Can Give You Peace of Mind

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Blog | Jan, 28 2019

Why Broccoli Sprouts Can Give You Peace of Mind


There is 1 food that I make sure I get plenty of every day, and that is food from the cruciferous family. Why? Because the nutrients in these vegetables are designed to destroy breast cancer cells and breast cancer stem cells. One of these nutrients is called sulforaphane.  For over the last twenty years, research has confirmed its impact on cancer and our health in general. 

The Research Behind Sulforaphane

The first research into the cancer-fighting constituents of sulforaphane were done by Dr. Paul Talalay, a top biomedical researcher at John Hopkins. His research was the first to zero in on the power of sulforaphane in cruciferous vegetables and its impact on detoxification pathways and cancer. 

In one study,  Talalay’s research team fed broccoli sprout extracts to female rats and fed a control group of rats of the same gender regular food. They then exposed both groups to a carcinogen. Across the board, the rats that had been fed the sulforaphane developed significantly less tumors. The tumors that were present were smaller and grew slower as well. His research discovered that:

“Three-day-old broccoli sprouts consistently contain 20 to 50 times the amount of chemoprotective compounds found in mature broccoli heads and may offer a simple, dietary means of chemically reducing cancer risk.”

Sulfpraphane works by boosting  phase 2 enzymes, which have the job of 

One capsule of Brocco Power is equivalent to  1 cup of broccoli sprouts or 1 pound of broccoli.

detoxification and neutralizing the growth of diseased cells, especially cancer cells. Since Talalay’s initial research was published, hundreds of other studies have also proven the power of sulforaphane for killing cancer, including breast cancer.

Studies conducted by the University of Michigan and Ohio State University found that sulforaphane inhibited breast cancer stem calls. 

Why Should You Care about Breast Cancer Stem Cells?

You may have been told that you are “cancer-free” by your traditional doctor. Your blood work may look good and your scans may be clear. However, they are not measuring or telling you about Breast Cancer Stem Cells (BCSC’s) that may be floating around in your bloodstream. According to Stanford Medicine, BCSC’s can be responsible for a relapse and metastasis, even when all observable signs of  the tumor may be gone. 

If you mow down the weeds in your garden and they don’t seem visible any longer, they will grow back unless  you get to the root of the weeds. Breast Cancer Stem Cells are at the root of the cancer and must be addressed. Sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts have been shown to destroy BCSC’s, which is why I make sure I have broccoli sprouts every day. 

BCSC’s are often more resistant, especially if the therapies of choice were chemotherapy and radiation. 

Brocco Power: The 7 Essentials System™ Exclusive Formula

After consulting with several companies and labs about clean formulations, there is one product I am especially proud of. I have been studying (and using) sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts for almost a decade.  Now the 7 Essentials Systems™ line has its own brand of sulforaphane called Brocco Power.

Brocco Power is the result of scouring the research (over 500 articles!) to find the best ingredients for you. After all this research, it is clear. The most powerful results come from a patented formula called BroccoRaphanin™. BroccoRaphanin™ is made form specially-cultivated broccoli seed which is guaranteed to contain at least 10% sulforaphane glucosinolate. Think about it this way: in order to receive the same amount of sulforaphane that you would get from 1 capsule of Brocco Power containing BroccoRaphanin™, you would have to eat 1 cup of sprouts or 1 pound of fresh broccoli every day!

While I do incorporate these as foods every day, I also take 4 capsules of Brocco Power every day.

Practice Breast Cancer Prevention (and Healing) the Natural Way

At least 266,120 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be discovered this year. How many of these cases can be prevented with simple changes to lifestyle and diet, like those outlined in the 7 Essentials System™?

One of the main components of any woman’s breast cancer prevention and healing strategy should be supplementation with key cancer-fighting substances. Sulforaphane is at the top of my list, and it should be for you as well!


Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr V”) is the founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror.com and The 7 Essentials System ™. This step-by-step guide empowers you with knowledge so you Never Have to Fear Breast Cancer Again! To watch a FREE webinar about the 7 steps for beating breast cancer naturally, Click Here.