Calcium Breakthroughs Part II: What Works?

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Blog | Dec, 24 2018

Calcium Breakthroughs Part II: What Works?


In my last blog about calcium, I talked about the cancer-protecting P53 gene and how the right kind of Calcium can prevent it from mutating into a cancer-promoting gene. I also discussed other ways in which calcium helps to can maintain alkaline pH levels and shared a little about a new breakthrough called SAC.

In Part II, I dive a little deeper into the topic of calcium and health. Did you know that there are actually two kinds of calcium– ionic and protein? It is vital that you know the difference. Doing so could have a huge impact on your health and can help you on your healing journey.

Calcium Deficiency is an Epidemic Among Women

Calcium is an essential mineral for so many functions in the body. Yet according to official statistics, almost every female in the United States over age four is deficient in it! Deficiency has been linked to not just osteoporosis, but also Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, arthritis, heart attack, autoimmune disease and even cancer.

Since you may already be on a Healthy Breast journey, the importance of calcium may not be big news to you. In fact, you may already be taking a calcium supplement yourself. But do you know if you are taking the RIGHT kind of Calcium? calcium_osteoporosis_breastcancer

Ionic Versus Protein Calcium

In reality, there are two kinds of calcium—ionic and protein. One is vital for a healthy body. The other could lead you down the path to chronic disease.

Protein calcium is not easily absorbed in the body. This is because it relies on a process called Active Transport for this process. This means that it has to look to other nutrients and external actions to turn it in to ionic calcium, the state in which calcium absorption can actually occur. Vitamin D, acids in the stomach and exercise are all examples of things that this kind of calcium needs for absorption.

Eating a SAD diet, high stress levels, being sedentary, too much environmental toxicity and being deficient in other nutrients are all factors that can interfere with protein-to- ionic conversion. The result is malabsorption. Protein calcium floats around and eventually clumps together to form calcium deposits.

At the same time, the body still needs ionic calcium. In its search for it, it will extract calcium ions from the bones. Phosphorus is created through this process. This is, in large part, how osteoporosis is created. Too much protein calcium in the body through the wrong kind of supplementation and lifestyle can also lead to heart disease and high acid environments that encourage cancer growth.

Unfortunately, almost all calcium supplements out there today are protein calcium with added nutrients to encourage active transport. Any supplement that has the words “calcium citrate,” “calcium carbonate” or “calcium hydroxide” on the label would fall into the calcium protein category and will need other factors to encourage absorption. With almost all calcium supplements, some calcium protein residue is inevitable.

SAC Revisited

On the other hand, ionic calcium supplements contain calcium ions in an already-converted state. They rely on Passive Transport for absorption. This means that the body does not need any other factors to absorb them and the calcium ions can go directly where they need to go. This is in the bones for regrowth and restoration mostly but also in the muscles and nerves.

Excess calcium is absorbed naturally or simply passed out of the system. No deposits remain. If you are thinking about getting your calcium levels tested, make sure that you get your ionized calcium checked as well as serum (total) levels.

Finding a quality brand of ionic calcium is not easy. There are a few brands out on the market, but I found that the very best are products by Prunovia. MaraGen, for example,  contains a state-of-the-art calcium delivery system called SAC, or Sigma Anti-Bonding Calcium. This makes SAC 200 times more soluble than regular calcium supplements or calcium obtained through food.

The MaraGen product also contains selenium, magnesium and zinc. These added nutrients are to help maintain pH levels, protect the P53 gene and the immune system and lend support for detoxification.

The Pronuvia products are costly. This is because Pronovia produces their products using very specific, state-of-the-art technology for extracting and measuring.

That being said, consider adding this to your healing journey, especially if the dis-ease is more advanced. As always, check with your primary care doctor and coach whenever you add any type of new supplementation. I am excited about the new advances in science that give us more options to support vibrant health. 


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