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Desserts | Nov, 20 2023

Pumpkin-Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies

pumpkin-spiced chocolate chip cookies

Yes, you can indulge in pumpkin-spiced season while on your healing journey. These scrumptious pumpkin-spiced chocolate chip cookies are actually rather healthy and include several cancer-healing … Read More

Desserts | Jul, 31 2023

The Best Coconut Banana Nondairy Ice Cream

coconut banana nondairy ice cream

A cold, creamy summer dream boat! This coconut banana nondairy ice cream will send you straight to vacation mode—while your body is suppressing the tumor, … Read More

Desserts | May, 22 2023

Chocolate & Flax Avocado Pudding

chocolate & flax avocado pudding

This chocolate & flax avocado pudding tastes like a luscious treat, but in reality, it is fueling your body with powerhouse nutrients. For example, flax … Read More

Desserts | Oct, 24 2022

Blueberry Bark

Blueberry Bark

Yep, I am actually telling you to give yourself and your friends a box of blueberry bark chocolates! But this box is packed with cancer-stopping antioxidants … Read More

Desserts | Jul, 04 2022

Berry-Yogurt Brittle (Dairy Free)

Berry-Yogurt Brittle

This Dairy-Free Berry-Yogurt Brittle is the ultimate summer treat! Refreshingly cold, crunchy, and sweet! Bite in after a sweaty workout or just while enjoying the summer … Read More