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Desserts | Mar, 19 2024

Sea Salt Chocolate Date Bark

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bark Recipe

This recipe comes from Breast Cancer Conqueror Karin Campion, who is keeping weight on and nourishing her body through conventional treatments in the most deliciously … Read More

Desserts | Nov, 20 2023

Pumpkin-Spiced Chocolate Chip Cookies

pumpkin-spiced chocolate chip cookies

Yes, you can indulge in pumpkin-spiced season while on your healing journey. These scrumptious pumpkin-spiced chocolate chip cookies are actually rather healthy and include several cancer-healing … Read More

Desserts | Jul, 31 2023

The Best Coconut Banana Nondairy Ice Cream

coconut banana nondairy ice cream

A cold, creamy summer dream boat! This coconut banana nondairy ice cream will send you straight to vacation mode—while your body is suppressing the tumor, … Read More

Desserts | May, 22 2023

Chocolate & Flax Avocado Pudding

chocolate & flax avocado pudding

This chocolate & flax avocado pudding tastes like a luscious treat, but in reality, it is fueling your body with powerhouse nutrients. For example, flax … Read More

Desserts | Oct, 24 2022

Blueberry Bark

Blueberry Bark

Yep, I am actually telling you to give yourself and your friends a box of blueberry bark chocolates! But this box is packed with cancer-stopping antioxidants … Read More