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Portfolio | Sep, 18 2023

Spicy Raw Cucumber Carrot Salad

raw spicy cucumber carrot salad

Short on time but want something with the perfect amount of spice, crunch, and healing ingredients? Then this¬†Spicy Raw Cucumber Carrot Salad might just become … Read More

Portfolio | Sep, 11 2023

Cheesy Roasted Cabbage

cheesy roasted cabbage

This “cheesy,” comforting, and cancer-killing delight is actually dairy-free. The sauce for this cheesy roasted cabbage is made from cashews which are high in Amygdalin/Vitamin … Read More

Main Courses | Aug, 14 2023

Tzatziki Cruciferous Bowl

tzatziki cruciferous bowl

This mouthwatering, cancer-fighting Tzatziki cruciferous bowl will send your taste buds on a Greek Islands vacation! You will taste waves of delicious flavors such as … Read More